We’ve been nominated!

We have been nominated to the Liebster Award. How fun!
Although it’s not an actually Award it’s fun to get noticed and be a part of the “game” 🙂 So thank you Heather from Conversant Traveller for your nomination.


The Rules of the Game:

– Thank the blogger who has nominated you (obviously!)
– Answer their questions
– Nominate 10 other travel bloggers (ideally those with under 600 followers, likes, whatever you want to call them)
– Ask them 10 questions


And here are the questions we had to answer:

1) What one item do you never travel without?
Our passports are of course with us as soon as we leave the Nordic countries, but it’s kind of obvious so I have to say camera(s). We love to capture the moments, not only for our own sake, but it’s so much easier to tell about something you can show on an image. And of course, what would this blog be without pictures?

2) What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?
This one’s for Jon… Right before we met he was on a trip to Africa and ate a Mopani worm.

3) If you had to choose a country to live in, which would it be, and why?
This is a hard one… I don’t know if we ever could have moved to a country we never been in, so I pick one of those we have been in. Iceland, Mexico, Australia and USA are our favorites, but Iceland is too cold. So then we are left with the other three… Mexico is our BIG favorit, but I see it more as a paradise – a dream vacation place. So I pick USA and Australia (can’t pick only one!). We both felt home in each of the countries, more at home than we’re here in Norway. (That must be a good answer to why?).
We loved the atmosphere, the people, yes, everything.

4) What’s the most frightening/embarrassing experience you’ve ever had?

Again this is for Jon, in Botswana he slept on an island with hippos, elefants and crocodiles. A couple of days later he was almost runned over by four rhinoes.

5) Beach, Mountain or Jungle?
How about a combination of all three? 😛 But I think we’ll choose the jungle. There’s something about the adventure, green dense jungle, the unknown, the excitement and it’s pretty exotic.

6) Who or what inspires you to travel?
The tv show Departures is a great inspiration to us. But also other travelbloggers inspire us so much. We love to see where people have been and what they have experienced. We love the photos, the stories, their tips and advice.

7) Favourite souvenir?
The Didgeridoo Jon bought in Australia and got shipped back home. It arrived just a few days after we got home 😀 And it stands of course in the living room where we live.

8) If you could have dinner with anyone you like (dead or alive) who would it be, and why?
Oh, here we have to say Justin, Scott and Andre from Departures. And why? They experienced a lot, and we have so manye questions we want to ask them!

9) Where’s the first place you ever travelled?
My first real vacation outside the country went to Lanzarote with my family. It was in 1998, and I remember the year because it was the year when Norway won over Brazil in footbal World Cup. (haha, none of us are particularly football fans, but stuff like that you’ll remember).

10) What one piece of advice would you give to fellow travellers?
Follow your dream, you never know when it is too late!


We will nominate the following bloggers:

1) Mike and Kirsty from Life as Vagabonds
2) Nicole and Weston from Nicole and Westons exellent adventures
3) Krista and Riley from Around the World in Baby Days
4) Simone and Jason from JS Living the Dream
5) Karen from World Wide Writer
6) The family from Travels with Curley
7) Silvia from Heart My Backpack
8) Chris and Heather from A Brit and A Southerner
9) Sharon from Where’s Sharon?
10) Samantha from The Wandering Wanderluster


These writers can, if they feel like of course, answer the ten questions that follow:

1)      Who or what inspired you to travel?

2)      Why did you start blogging?

3)      Wich country do you think has the best food?

4)      What is the most luxuriouse place you have stayed at?

5)      What destination has surprised you the most? And why?

6)      What is your favorite place?

7)      Do you prefe Hotel or Hostel? And why?

8)      Which is your favorite travel quote?

9)      Whats your biggest dream?

10)   Where are you off to next?

2 thoughts on “We’ve been nominated – Liebster Award

  1. Hope you enjoyed the game, it’s a great way to get know other bloggers. You’ve had some fun adventures, though not sure which is worse, eating worms or being almost flattened by rhinos (think I’d pick the rhinos!) 🙂

    1. It’s great to be included when your fresh in the travel blogger world. So I did enjoy taking part of the game 😀

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