And so was the Easter here, and we’re ready for going on the road again!

For this year’s Easter holiday we had planned a road trip in Europe. We soon found out what area and distance we would like to travel considering the time we had. The cheapest flight was to and from Vienna Austria, so we booked it and arranged the car hire from there. Krakow was a city we wanted to visit, as well as Budapest and Bratislava. So then we had a decent itinerary ahead of us and we had done a little research for what we wanted to see on the way, and approximate where to be at what time. We have only pre-booked accommodation for the first two nights, in Krakow.

The itinerary

Early this morning, the morning of Holy Thursday, 3:30 am, the taxi came and picked us up to bring us to Oslo Airport.
We are now waiting to get on the plane to Vienna! We’re flying with Austrian.

Right after we are landing in Austria we have to pick up the rental car and get on the road right away.

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