After all the planning of this years’ Easter trip we were hit hard by the travel fever, so on Thursday we spontaneously ordered a trip to London.
Already Friday afternoon/evening we sat at the Oslo Airport waiting to board our flight…

…After a two-hour flight with ‘Norwegian’ we arrived at Gatwick. We had nothing other than our hand luggage, so after we got off the plane we went straight to the train (Gatwick Express). We took the train into London and the last stop: Victoria. Here we grabbed a taxi to get to the hotel for the weekend: Club Quarters at Trafalgar Square.
After checked in we went straight to the room and went to sleep.

Club Quarters lobby

Early Saturday morning we got out of bed and got ready before we went down for breakfast. We thought the breakfast was included so we supplied us of the buffet. But the breakfast was not included, and it was somewhat overpriced considering it’s bad selection. Later we saw that it also was possible to order breakfast from the menu.

With food in the stomach, we went up to our room to get our coats on before we took the cameras with us and went out. We walked in the direction of Big Ben which was a short walk away. On the way we saw the London Eye, and also found a guy that sold tickets to ‘Big Bus’ – one of the hop on hop off buses that London has to offer.

Big Ben
London Eye

We bought tickets for the bus and jumped on. We went off when we got to Piccadilly Circus to see ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum’. When we had seen everything at the museum we went out to find a place to eat a late lunch. We decided to go to TGI Fridays, which was right across the street.

Ripley’s believe it or not

After a little energy boost we got hold of a taxi that took us to Portobello Market in Notting Hill in search of hidden treasures. The street was filled with stalls and shops on both sides… Stalls and shops with antiques, furniture and decor, jewelry, clothing, fruits and vegetables and other food.

Portobello Market

We walked down the street’s right side, and when we got to the fruit and vegetables section we turned around and walked up the other side of the street. It may have been more stalls further down, but we felt we had seen everything on that side, and we wanted to see the other side before they packed it down(we saw some interesting things on the way down, so we wanted to check this out before it was too late). We bought a antic compass, a small globus, a watch and a couple of cool notebooks..

Then we continued further to see if we could find the bus we had tickets for, but on the way we stumbled over a small shop that sold; e.g. military cloths. We found a par of cool pants each, and some obligatory souvenirs. And after a short conversation with a police officer we also found the buss stop…

After just a couple of minutes on the bus, it stopped and we were told that it could not continue because of low-fuel. If we wanted to we could wait for the next bus…But since that was the last bus we would not get much closer to the hotel anyways. So we grabbed a cab with a father and son – so at least we saved some money!
After dropping off the cameras and the bags with todays treasures at the hotel room we went out again, we took a taxi to ‘Harrods’. We did mostly window shop, but we found a affordable suit belt and expensive chocolate.


We went to ‘Sherlock Holmes bar and restaurant’ on the way back for a bite to eat before heading to the room (it was just a couple of meter from the hotel).

Sunday morning we got dressed, packed and checked out and the hotel stored our luggage whilst we spend our last day in London seeing what we did not see the day before, and we went to a couple more markets.

Tower Bridge

The weather was not to good, so we left our cameras at the hotel. But we saw the Tower Bridge and Tower of London before heading to the first market. On the way we stumbled over a small market in a side-street. After this we stumbled over a small vintage shop under ground, before finally getting to the marked ‘Old Spitalfields Market’  witch is under roof (bonus in the bad weather!). It was filled to the rim with jewelry, clothing, food and lots more. We got something to eat and we shopped some tops, dresses and silver rings.

Old Spitalfields Market

Then we continued to the next market(s) only a couple of minutes away; UpMarket/Backyard Market/Brick Lane Market (a lot under roof) along Brick Lane. Here we found a nice bracelet!
After this we took a cab to Camden Market – A big marked witch we did not even got half way through, before we had to head back.

Camden Market

We packet this days treasures in to the bags (we did manage to fit everything in to the hand luggage) and then we printed out the boarding cards before taking a taxi to the airport – this time Heathrow. We walked around, ate and shopped some small stuff before boarding the British Airways plane. The bags we used as carry-on were pretty full, but BA allows 23kg Carry-on! But must be inside the 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

At Oslo Airport, a little delayed because of cue on the runway at Heathrow, we got through passport control, Tax Free and costumes before heading for the train that took us closer to home.

All in all we had a great an successful weekend, and we feel that we got to see much in just a weekend. What we did not know before getting there was that it was so much markets there. “Everybody” talks about shopping in Oxford st. and places like that. We really feel that the markets was worth the time. Lot of nice, unique and cheap stuff.
London is a town we will go back to, to shop – shop at the markets, and see what Oxford st. has to offer then.

Se more photos at our FB page:  We Travel Together

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