Saturday morning we got up early to have time for to go back to Gullfoss again, hoping to get nice pictures of the falls in the sunrise (the sun had set when we were there the day before), but the weather was gray, so it was not easy to take nice pictures.


We then drove back to Reykjavik with a intention to catch a whale watching tour with Elding who departured at 13:00
And we made it.. We sat on the top deck hoping to see some whales. The boat went to the first stop ‘Puffin Island’ where we got to see Puffins.
Then we continued out to sea to see if we could find some whales. We got glimpses of some ‘Harbour Porpises’.


Elding wrote the following about the trip we were on:

“Tour at 13:00: Report from Hafsúlan. We headed out from Reykjavík. The wind had picked up and it was cloudy but not raining. We went back to Lundey to look at all the beautiful birds and then headed further out in the bay. After searching for some time we saw a pod of 6-8 Harbour Porpoises. We stayed in the same place for quite some time and saw probably between 20-25 Harbour Porpoises. They were travelling fast and surfaced very close to the boat. Because we only saw the Porpoises we decided to give our passengers a complimentary ticket so they can come back with us and hopefully se something more.”

 After this we went to the Blue Lagoon and checked into the hotel there. We bathed in the hotel treatment area, in this way we got away from the crowd (had the place almost to ourselves).

Blue lagoon (hotel)

Sunday came and we got up, ate breakfast and went for a swim… Checked out of the hotel just before noon. We had planned to get a horseback ride that day to kill some time, but rain and strong winds stopped us. We did not want to do it that bad, so we went to Keflavik and found a hotel, left our luggage and then went back to Reykjavik. Walked around a bit and took a bite to eat before we went to the ‘National Museum’ just to kill some time.

Polar bear on Iceland?
A great rainbow appeared on the way back to Keflavik

Back at the hotel we went for a walk, but it was tot much to do down town, and the evening was spent in the hotel room.

So the departure day arrived and we felt finished with Iceland for now. We already have plans to go back, but then in the middle of summer when the roads in the Highlands are open, and we’ll rent a car that are allowed to drive in the highland, and bring a tent (the tent we rented on this holiday was not used).
We delivered the rental car as agreed, before 9am. They looked over the car and said everything was okay and then one of the employees took us back to the airport (not the busiest airport in the world.).

Around Iceland in less than a week was possible, and we felt that we had seen what we wanted to see of what that was available at this time. But we are as I mentioned very effective and considered the many hours driving as part of the experience.

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