Earlier this year we were contacted by Jake Ryan who had an idea of a book series called ”Ultimate book of”. The first book in this series was all about travel experiences, and he reached out to us and many other travel bloggers, photographers and others, which perhaps had a story to share.

We’ve never thought about writing for a magazine, book or anything like that, but when someone asks, why not give it a chance? If we don’t deliver what they want the worst thing that happens is that they don’t use it.
At that time we had finished this year’s major trip, and had many stories to tell. We picked out our favorite part of the trip and started writing…


Travel Experiences


A few days later we emailed it back to Jake and the waiting began… Did he like it? Would he use our story?
Days went by and finally a mail from Jake entered our inbox. So excited, curious and somehow a bit nervous, we had nothing to loose so it was just to get it over with. I clicked and opened the email and started reading… And what! He loved our story! I was so happy and had to tell Jon about the good news right away.

A couple of weeks ago we received another email where Jake made us aware that the book was finished and it was ready to be published, so I headed straight over to Amazon to pre-order the book, and last week it arrived our mailbox. I immediately tore up the package and opened the book, checked the index page and flipped immediately up “our” pages. The story, OUR story was there and I felt so proud! So proud that I took my phone up from my pocket and took a picture so Jon could see that the book had arrived and that we had become published authors.


Travel Experiences


It’s actually really rewarding to know that someone appreciate our work – someone get inspired by our stories, AND WE HAVE ONE OF OUR STORIES PRINTED IN A BOOK! Sorry for shouting but that’s pretty exciting for two Norwegians who just happens to love traveling.

We haven’t read the whole book yet, but really look forward to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and read the others stories. I bet there are some great pieces in there to inspire both us and other travel lovers.


Travel Experiences


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