In this weeks This vs That Tuesday we’ll meet yet another Norwegian travel blogger.
Say hi to Bente from Travel With All Senses.


Travel With All Senses


First… tell us a bit about you:

We are Bente and Per and we love to travel off the beaten track. We started our blog; Travel with all senses in 2013 mainly because I (Bente) like writing and wanted to share our travel experiences with friends. The last couple of months I have taken my blog writing more serious and want to reach a bigger audience. We are passed sixty, but still seeking new adventures and we offer travel tips and stories to boomers still young and to everyone with an interest for adventure, culture, arts and good food. Travel gets only better and better as you grow older!

We live in Fredrikstad, a small town in Norway. Per is a carpenter and I am a textile artist and the editor of a quilting magazine. So travelling is not something we can do all the time. We have to stay home and work most of the time. We are self-employed and have the freedom to travel off-season.

Per got his first cultural shock in the harbors of Africa at 17 when he went to sea for 2 years and then later he got familiar with French cooking and has loved cooking ever since. My first trip abroad was to India when I was 9 years old. There I lived with my mother, father and two younger brothers for 1 year. My father is a social anthropologist and did studies in a village in Kerala in South India. This made a big impact on me and have formed my life forever.


Travel With All Senses


What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast
I know that I could never live for a long time away from the coast; Fredrikstad our hometown is on the coast with a stunning archipelago outside. The mountains are nice for a visit and great to admire from a distance. Having said that, some of our best trips have been in the mountains and to countries with no coastline.

Charter vs Self organized
Planning is half the fun! So self organized for sure. 

Summer vs Winter
No doubt; summer. We have long, dark winters in Norway and I always count days till the sun will be up for 12 hours during the day. Midsummer with light nearly all night is my best time of year. 

London vs Paris
London, mostly because of the language – I do not speak French! London is such a varied city and has a lot to offer in all kinds of art and I have so many artist friends there. 

Beach vs City
It has to be the city, even though I do not mind laying on a beach in Greece. Cities have a kind of bustling life that can be a mystery if you are unfamiliar with the culture. I like the challenge to try to get under the skin of a big city. 

Hostel vs Hotel
In my age I prefer hotels. I have been sleeping in so many strange places when I was young and travelled, so now I think I deserve some comfort. The disadvantage is it’s harder to get in contact with fellow travelers at hotels vs hostels. 

Explore on your own vs Guided tour
A mix of the two for me. I love exploring in my own space, but sometimes there is information that I would like to get and then a local guide is convenient. A local guide is great in some countries where I don’t speak the language. 

Beach vs Pool
I like swimming but it has to be in the ocean, I hate pools. 

Asia vs Europe
Please give me both! 

Taxi vs Public transport
Public transport is a great way to get in contact with locals and to get to know a culture better. I love taking the bus in new places. I love trains as well, and always try to do some of the distance on public transport. 

Backpack vs Suitcase
I always have a suitcase with wheels. No backpacking for me anymore. It is just as practical as backpacking but you have to consider hard or soft suitcase compared to the transportation. If you know there will be limited luggage space in the safari car or something like that, choose a soft suitcase and you can squeeze it in. 

Planning vs Spontaneity
Good planning makes spontaneity easier. I am a bit of a control freak so planning is important to me. Then I also like to be surprised and do whatever I want just then! 

Australia vs USA
Since I have never been in Australia, my answer is USA. USA is so many different things and it’s a huge continent. As a textile artist into quilts I have been to USA many times. Houston has a big Quilt Festival and is also a great city for art lovers. 

RV vs Tent
I have never been a fan of tents. RV is practical in some situations. We rented a RV and travelled around Spain with another couple some years ago and it was my first time. I was completely taken by surprise, I thought I could sit with my computer and a glass of wine while we where driving and work. I had also made a special suitcase with art stuff in case I would get the inspiration to make something. When the RV drove out of Barcelona heading for Bilbao everything was suddenly a mess. Nothing stayed in it place while we where driving! But I loved the freedom it gave us. 

Cruise vs Road trip
Road trip is my thing.

Snorkeling vs Scuba
Snorkeling is what I do when we stay for some period at a beach. Per hates it and stay on land reading. I snorkeled in Tonga and small, blue fishes where kissing my face.


And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote?
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Augustine of Hippo


Travel With All Senses


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