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Travelling Book Junkie



First… tell us a bit about you:

Hi we are Tam and Paul better known as Travelling Book Junkie.  As a blogging duo and husband and wife team from England we have been known to bicker about things before but ultimately we always agree – or what that really means is – I (Tam) spend hours researching and planning trips therefore I get to make the final decisions on where we go nine times out of ten.

Self-confessed Bibliophile and avid writer, I complete the majority of the writing tasks on our blog while Paul has the creative flare behind the camera.  When not found traipising around cities we can be found in the great outdoors sleeping under canvas and attempting to light camp fires.


Travelling Book Junkie



What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast
This is a tough one but mountain wins the day. Based purely on the fact that mountains offer that element of danger, mystery and often peace and tranquility, the feeling of getting back to nature really appeals to us so the coast loses put on this occasion.

Charter vs Self organized
We don’t like the restrictions that come with booking with others – having to arrive/depart according to their timings and only having a limited number of hotels to choose from.  We love the freedom that comes with organising things for ourselves plus I am sure that Paul would say that I am a control freak!

Summer vs Winter
Winter may look lovely when we are sitting inside keeping warm but you can do so much more in the summer months.  Camping is one of our favourite ways to explore a country – that isn’t much fun when you do it in the snow (although we have been known to do that!!!!).

London vs Paris
Having only visited Paris for the first time last year we fell in love with its charm, amazing architecture and cafe lifestyle. London can at times feel very hectic and people seem to be rushing around constantly although the diversity in the people you meet make it an interesting place to visit but for the time being at least Paris rules the roost over London.

Beach vs City
The Beach is great for a day or two but then boredom kicks in and we need to be off exploring again.  Cities entice us in, we want to wander around and find out more about the history and culture.  They also give me a good excuse to buy copious books before going so that I can swat up on the area, the people and what to do.  I love to read novels that are set in the city I am about to visit so that when I finally get there I can see if my imagination has lived up to reality.  Paul loves visiting cities for their photogenic qualities and can often been found revisiting a sight several times over to capture the beauty of a building (his words)  at various times of day.

Hostel vs Hotel
Although they need to be quirky and unique but not budget busting.  We tend to stay away from branded hotels and opt more for the smaller boutique B&B style option.  If we stay at a branded hotel we always choose a cheap, well known British brand that in recent years has become very reliable.

Explore on your own vs Guided tour
Getting lost and finding that little cafe prodominately filled with locals or wandering around side streets looking at street art is a great way to uncover the true personality of a city.  Some guided tours are great (we have experienced a few!) but they tend to stay on the tourist track and after a day or two we want to see more than just the main sights of a city that we are visiting.  When travelling in Europe we often take our car so that we can disappear off for the day that way we can explore the surrounding areas as well rather than having to rely on the arranged trips that are frequently on offer.

Beach vs Pool
Both can get crowded at the best of times and trying to find a sun bed to lie on by the pool can pose its own problems but that feeling of sand between your toes and the sound of the sea lapping the shore make the beach a clear winner.

Asia vs Europe
We have yet to visit Asia and therefore cannot really compare the two but love exploring Europe – the castles, the history, the landscapes – the diversity is breaktaking!

Taxi vs Public transport
Navigating the underground system or the buses are always a challenge we like to tackle head on and feel a sense of accomplishment if we have been able to visit some more unique sight on the outskirts of town without the need for a guide to support us.

Backpack vs Suitcase
Whilst backpacks are handy and we tend to use them when hiking, suitcases do mean that our clothes look less rumpled and more respectable.  They also come with wheels so less effort is required on our part.

Planning vs Spontaneity
Spontaneity can throw up all manner of exciting challenges and discoveries but the ever threat of dissapointment and disaster is never too far away. Planning is a big part of our pre trip preparation and helps us to form a picture of what our holiday will have in store for us, allowing us to be flexible and more relaxed about what we will encounter.

Australia vs USA
Whilst we haven’t visited either country, we head out to Australia at the beginning of 2015.  This is our biggest trip to date and planning is already in full swing.  We just hope  we enjoy the trip as much as we enjoy the planning.

RV vs Tent
We have a slight obsession with tents – we have three – varying in size depending on the trip.  Our smallest can be put up in ten minutes whereas our largest has been nicknamed the ‘hotel tent’ by friends and takes about half an hour.  We love the freedom that comes with camping, the ability to enjoy outdoor living and the fact that it is so cheap means that we can afford to go away most weekends when the weather is nice.

Cruise vs Road trip
We love the freedom that a road trip offers; being able to stop off when and where you fancy, taking a different route if you hear of a town or village of interest or staying an extra night or two somewhere pictureque – you don’t get that luxury with a cruise!

Snorkeling vs Scuba
Personally I don’t like the water but Paul is a big fan of snorkeling because it’s cheap, you don’t need a truck load of equipment or a qualification and you can take a morning or afternoon to explore at your own leisure.

And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote?

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind (Seneca)


Travelling Book Junkie


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  1. Thanks for featuring us we really enjoyed taking part and having to decide which option to go for – surprising ourselves by agreeing on each of the answers! 🙂

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