We had an awesome weekend going from castle to castle. And we’ll publish a blog post about it in a few days. But whilst you’re waiting; Here’s another interview in our series This vs That.
In today’s post you’ll meet Samantha from The Wandering Wanderluster.




First… tell us a bit about you:

I am a travel blogger living as an expat in Prague. Follow me for 18-35 travel including responsible tourism & off the beaten path places!


What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast
Mountains! Every time I visit Milan we fly over the alps I am glued to the plane’s window. I absolutely love spending time in the alps and whenever I am at home in Milan I wake up every morning looking straight at them.  Maybe it’s because where I was bought up we had no mountains so I find them more exciting then normal people!


The Wandering Wanderluster


Charter vs Self organized
For my personal trips I book everything separately myself. I worked as a travel agent and saw how sometimes you pay more than organizing it yourself. However sometimes it’s safer to buy from an agent. Recent events such as airline failures and natural disasters have shown how easy it is to loose your money with booking things separately.

Summer vs Winter
I love the summer but I have a fascination with snow and all things winter. I was born in December so that might have something to do with it. I get very excited when it snows…my inner child comes out and wants to build snowmen and have snowball fights!

London vs Paris
Paris. I love the romance of the city and its architecture. I lived in London and I hated the constant rat race feel. Everyone is always in such a hurry, Paris feels more relaxed. But maybe it’s because I’m seeing Paris as a traveller and London as a local.

The Wandering Wanderluster


Beach vs City
Hmm this is a tough one. I like to explore and I can’t sit still for very long so I guess it would be city. I love the beach and the feel beneath my toes but I’d rather come across a cool cafe or sightsee than sleep all day in the sun.

Hostel vs Hotel
I like the privacy of a hotel and the social side of a hostel. It really depends if I am travelling alone or not. 

Explore on your own vs Guided tour
We have done both and I much prefer exploring by ourselves. We went on a guided tour in Vietnam and it was great as it was our first trip to Asia and we really didn’t know what to expect so it was easier to turn up on a tour and have no worries, but I much prefered planning and exploring now by ourselves. We have just returned from Myanmar and we did it completely solo. It gave us so much more flexibility in our plans, we could pick and choose where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see without passing it through 15 other people first!

Beach vs Pool
I really detest the feel of salt on my skin. But I love to snorkel and surf the waves. Pools are just a bit boring really. I’d only really use a pool if I was staying somewhere without a beach.

Asia vs Europe
Asia. I loved Vietnam and I adored Myanmar. I have travelled alot of Europe but i found the cultures and the people to be more interesting in Asia.

Taxi vs Public transport
Another tough one! I like to walk as much as possible but if i had to get somewhere I’d take public transport. Also depends on the place I am in.

Backpack vs Suitcase
I much prefer a backpack over a suitcase. I find when I travel backpacks are easier to stuff under beds and hook on to places. Suitcases are just too ridged for travelling. Plus backpacks expand which is great for all those souvenirs you end up buying.

Planning vs Spontaneity
I love the excitement of planning months in advance, going out and buying a guide book and spending hours going through blogs. However a little spontaneity isn’t a bad thing either.

Australia vs USA
I have never been to either but I would imagine I’d prefer Australia more!

RV vs Tent
RV! We went around Scotland in an RV and it was great. I have horrible flashbacks of camping in West England when it would rain and we would spend the entire time feeling damp and cold.


The Wandering Wanderluster


Cruise vs Road trip
Road Trip. I’ve cruised around Croatia and that was awesome but with road trips you can stop wherever and whenever you want. I’d like to have that freedom.

Snorkeling vs Scuba
I learnt to scuba dive in the Caribbean and I was terrified. So now I prefer to snorkel 🙂

And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote?
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain


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