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Pack Me To



First… tell us a bit about you:

Hi! I’m Adelina and I blog over at Pack Me To. I’m Canadian and currently live in Vancouver. I have been to 24 countries around the world, primarily in Europe. I would love to visit Africa and South America one day. I adore food and like to try out the local delicacies as I travel. I love telling stories through my writing and photos.

I have lived abroad twice, once in the Netherlands for a couple of months and then later in Budapest, Hungary for a year and a half. Now that I’m home, I’m saving up for my next big adventure whatever that may be.


What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast
This is hard. I live in Vancouver, Canada and we have access to both. The saying that you can go from skiing on the mountains to swimming in the ocean all in a day is no joke. When I lived in Budapest, I didn’t have either and I think I missed the water more, so I’ll go with that.

Charter vs Self organized
Self organized! I like being in control and deciding for myself what to do and when to do it. While there is something to be said about just sitting back and letting someone else do all the work, I think planning a trip is half the fun. Plus, this way you’re on no one’s schedule but your own.

Summer vs Winter
Summer for sure. I’ll take the warm over cold any day. All that vitamin D makes me a happy camper, but when it gets to be unbearably hot then it’s not much fun anymore.

London vs Paris
Another tough one for me. I first visited Paris on a family trip when I was 14 and that made me fall in love with Europe. I had always vowed to go back and live there for a period and brush up on my French. I felt the same way about London – there is just so much history and interesting things to see and do. Plus, who can deny awesome British accents?

Beach vs City
I’m a city gal through and through. I get bored sitting on a beach for days. I can handle maybe one day and then I’ll be itching to do something more interesting.

Hostel vs Hotel
I use to stay exclusively in hostels purely for budget reasons (especially if I’m traveling alone), but lately I’ve been creeping into hotel territory. That said, my accommodation of choice, especially if I’m traveling with others is to go through AirBnb.

Explore on your own vs Guided tour
Explore on my own. There is nothing better than getting lost in the streets and making your own discoveries. Sometimes though, I like getting a guided tour if it would enhance the experience. For example, food tours always sound like a good idea. Same with tours of massive museums where there is just so much to see and it can be overwhelming without the help of someone guiding you to the important (and good) stuff.


Pack Me To


Beach vs Pool
I really do not like sand, it gets everywhere and it’s so hard to get out! I’m not a big fan of the changing rooms at pools either. I’m pretty indifferent and will do both with equal willingness I guess.

Asia vs Europe
Europe all the way! Otherwise it would be hard to explain why I decided to live there. I’ve traveled quite extensively in Europe, but there is still a lot to see. I’m eager to explore more of Asia too as it’s completely different.

Taxi vs Public transport
Usually public transport, but it depends on the situation and place I’m in. If access to public transit is reliable and easy to get to then I’m all for it, but sometimes it just can’t be so I’ll get a cab.

Backpack vs Suitcase
Backpack usually. Again this depends on the particular situation and where I’m going. Generally I carry a 35L backpack, but if I know I’m going to be gone for a long time and in one particular place, I’ll probably bring a suitcase.

Planning vs Spontaneity
Both. I like to do a general plan for trips but leave enough room for spontaneity. When I’m someplace new I’ll have a list of things I want to see and do, but usually don’t decide until the morning of which I’ll tackle. That way I can do whatever it is I feel like that day, or not.

Australia vs USA
Australia. I’ve traveled quite a bit in the USA and would love to visit Australia one day. Everything about it seems so exotic. I’ve had many friends who have gone to work and live in Australia and they all have nothing but good things to say.

RV vs Tent
I’ve never traveled inside an RV before so I’d be interested in trying it. So far, tents seem to be okay for me though. I like camping (in small doses).

Cruise vs Road trip
Road trip hands down. I love hitting the road and exploring a country by car, stopping when you see something interesting. The best discoveries are made on road trips. Cruises are nice if you want to relax, do a little bit of touring and eat well, which I wouldn’t mind once in awhile.


Pack Me To


Snorkeling vs Scuba
I have an irrational fear of deep water. I can swim perfectly fine, but just the thought of the deep dark ocean beneath me freaks me out. I could never quite get the hang of breathing underwater either. It just seems like it should be impossible! If I had to pick one of the two, I’d go with snorkeling. I would love to get over my fear though. There are so many great spots to explore under the water.


And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote?
“Almost there and nowhere near it – all that matters is that we’re going” taken from one of my favourite TV shows the Gilmore Girls.




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