It’s Thursday and the weekend is near. What plans do you all have for this weekend? We’re moving into our new apartment, and we got so much to do. But pretty soon we’re back on the road again, and this time it’s back to our paradise; Mexico. We continue to count down! I could tell you more, but we save that for another post;) because now it’s time for This vs That Thursday! In todays post you’ll get to know more about Samantha from Mytanfeet.




First… Tell us a bit about you:

I’m Samantha and I moved from the States to Costa Rica 2 years ago to be with my Tico boyfriend. We met in Central America in 2010, did that whole long distance thing for 2 years and now here I am! We run the blog Mytanfeet which is predominantly focused on Costa Rica but we are excited to expand it to more countries as we travel to Asia in the fall. We both love adventure and are spontaneous people who are up to try anything crazy!

My Tan Feet

What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast Both but leaning towards mountain since we’ve been living at the beach for 2 years and need a change of scenery

Charter vs Self organized Self organized

Summer vs Winter Summer

London vs Paris Haven’t been to either so I’ll say both!

Beach vs City Beach

Hostel vs Hotel Hotel

Explore on your own vs Guided tour Explore on your own but we don’t mind doing guided tours either! Sometimes it’s nice to just let someone lead the way

Beach vs Pool Beach

Asia vs Europe Neither of us have been to Europe and we’re both Asian so we’d have to say Asia

Taxi vs Public transport Public transportation

Backpack vs Suitcase Backpack

Planning vs Spontaneity A little bit of both!

Australia vs USA We haven’t been to Australia but it is Samantha’s dream destination so Australia!

RV vs Tent Tent all the way! RV camping is cheating 😛

Cruise vs Road trip Road trip

Snorkeling vs Scuba Snorkel (only because we haven’t gotten our scuba certification)

And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote? The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way


My Tan Feet


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  1. Excellent interview … I hope their trip to Asia is filled with all the spontaneous moments that occur every day over there!

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