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First… tell us a bit about you:

I am Els, a 38 year old travel aficionada from Belgium. living in Northern Ireland since March 2013. My first trips abroad were school trips to London and Paris, but it isn’t until my first camping trip to Scotland, at the age of 22, that I really caught the travel bug.  Ever since I spend every free moment browsing through travel magazines, guides, brochures and maps to find inspiration for my next trip.  I like to call my travels ”experiences abroad”, cause I tend to go further than just tick off the must see’s:  I want to know the history of the place I’m going to, meet the locals, try some typical food , ”live the culture”, …

I started Myfeetaremeanttoroam in May 2014, mainly because I want to interact with fellow travellers, inspiring them but also be inspired.  Already, I discovered some really great people within the blogging community!


My Feet Are Meant To Roam


What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast
Mmmm, difficult one. I would probably go for ”mountain” because of the satisfaction you get when you finally reach that top and for the stunning views that come with it. But I made some extraordinary coastal walks as well, for example in the Cinque Terre region in Italy.

Summer vs Winter
Summer! I’m not very good with cold. I really like the change of seasons. For example in Belgium, where I come from, you can really experience the 4 different seasons. In Northern Ireland, where I live now, it seems we are stuck in autumn most of the time, haha!

London vs Paris
London: the buzz, the different areas, the pubs: I can’t get enough of it. I went to Paris a few times and it’s all very nice and beautiful, but to me, it can’t compete with London!

Beach vs City
City because there’s always something to do or see, even if it’s just people-watching from a terrace. I like the beach for half an hour, but after that I tend to get bored…

Hostel vs Hotel
Hostel!Hostel!Hostel! I am 38 years old now, so older than the ”average” hosteler and I could easily afford to stay in a hotel, but the interaction with other travellers, the cosy atmosphere and sometimes the in-house travel-book library more than outweigh the fact of having a bit more comfort in a single room!

Explore on your own vs Guided tour
Oh definitely ”explore on my own”!! I know what I want to see or discover so I do not need anyone taking me by the hand, telling me what, when and how long we can stay and giving me the information I am able to find myself in a guide book as well!

Asia vs Europe
Europe. I am still amazed of the difference in culture, food and architecture you get. I am very happy that I am born in Europe, it makes travelling so much easier. You can get to another country in a few hours drive!

However I do love Asia as well, I had the chance to discover Thailand and India and would love to see more of this intriguing continent!

Taxi vs Public transport
Public transport. I love long bus rides to admire the landscapes and enjoy the madness of buses in non-western cultures!


My Feet Are Meant To Roam


Backpack vs Suitcase
Backpack, it is just so much handier to travel!

Planning vs Spontaneity
Both. I have the tendancy to overplan sometimes, reading months in advance everything there is to know about a place, checking out which restaurants I’d like to go to, … But once I’m there, I try to live in the moment and be flexible. Or at least I think so…

Australia vs USA
I haven’t been to Australia yet, so USA by default. I’d love to do a roadtrip from the east coast to the west coast of the States one day.

I’m sure Australia is lovely too, but if I think of all the creepy crawlies there, I’m not sure it would be a very relaxing experience for me, haha!

RV vs Tent
I’ve never travelled by RV, but I have some romantic idea of driving on long, empty roads in New Zealand. I like camping in a tent, as long as it doesn’t rain J

Cruise vs Road trip
Road trip because of the freedom. I always imagine cruises like the floating equivalent of an all-inclusive resort: international buffets, horrible entertainment, … not my cup of tea I’m afraid!

Snorkeling vs Scuba
None. I know how to swim, but I simply don’t feel comfortable being in the water.  I can just about manage snorkeling, but diving is definitely a step too far! I am also not very comfortable around fish, which makes the whole experience pretty useless 🙂

And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote?
Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
(Mark Twain)

 My Feet Are Meant To Roam


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