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First… tell us a bit about you:

A Hole in my Shoe was created January 28, 2014 hoping to inspire people who enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people to travel to unknown destinations.  In less than a month we reached over 1000 fans on Facebook.  We hope to continue to reach more and more far and wide and interact on our blog.  So welcome to A Hole in my Shoe, I hope you love it here, a place where we can inspire, experience and share anything travel related.

We are Lyn and Steve, a couple from Perth, Western Australia who married and began to travel at 50.  For our honeymoon in 2011 we travelled South East Asia, our first trip overseas together.   This started our thirst for travel and within the next 2 years we travelled to 16 countries.  Last year we travelled through Europe and did many walking tours and wore out 2 pairs of shoes and that’s where  the name A Hole in my Shoe came from.  My husband is the perfect travel companion, he balances everything, if I’m stressed he calms me, if I’m sad he cheers me, if I’m lost he finds me!

When we are not travelling or working hard to pay for our travel we spend our time in Perth or surrounding areas exploring local markets, gardens, cafes and wineries.  We enjoy good coffee, wine and high tea.  We enjoy music and try and see most musicals that come to Perth and always try and incorporate something musical into our travels.  We also adore colour and collect eclectic pieces from art, to teapots, antiques, even bells.   We now plan seeing as much as we can of this beautiful world we live in and we’re putting our relationship to the test, travelling, adventuring and trying the cuisine along the way.


A Hole In My Shoe


What do you prefer?

Mountain vs Coast
Coming from Australia I’ve seen some incredible coastines, Margaret River, Bondi, Ningaloo, Great Ocean Road I could say coast, but I have to chose both.  I just returned from New Zealand where I saw the awe inspiring Milford Sound (mountains on the coast).  I loved driving through the winding roads of Amalfi which also combined coast and mountains.  I also love to ride a finnicular or cable car  and have done so in Wellington, Paris, Langkawai, Singapore and Barcelona.

Charter vs Self organized
Self organised for sure, I like the freedom to go where and when suits me and my budget.

Summer vs Winter
Can I say Spring?  I really don’t like winter being cold and dodging rain while getting around and I am not a fan of the heat as being fair skinned I burn in the shade!

London vs Paris
This is a no brainer for me… Paris. I finally got to Paris last year and fell in love with the place and constantly dream of going back there.  Feasting on breakfast fresh from a local Boulangerie and all those secret little parks in unexpected places, walking on the uphill cobblestoned sidewalks of Montmartre, the awe of sitting in the Sacre Coeur, the opulence of Versaille… oh stop me now, I could go on and on.

Beach vs City
Not being a fan of the beach I choose the city.  The beaches are certainly pretty for a great sunrise or sunset, but I can’t resist exploring the city and never tire of seeing something new around the next corner.  The city is full of hustle and bustle and fast paced amidst history like Florence, Sydney, Paris, Barcelona, Singapore, Melbourne…

Hostel vs Hotel
I have not stayed in a hostel and probably at my age never will.  When I travel I usually stick with the Accor group and the best hotel ever was Papadopoli in Venice.


A Hole In My Shoe


Explore on your own vs Guided tour
I like to mix this one, I love to explore the city and usually feel my way around on the hop on/hop off bus but also love to go on a guided tour of a building, palace, etc to learn the history and have done amazing guided tours at Palace Versaille, Sydney Opera House, Queen Victoria Building in Sydney and even a  behind the scenes tour of a Boulangerie in Montmartre.

Beach vs Pool
Not being a swimmer I don’t really like either, except for the beach for a great sunset here in the west.

Asia vs Europe
This is a hard one as I love the cultures of both.  Asia has such a vibe and buzz and also great food whilst Europe has the beauty and history.  We have travelled mostly in Asia but I think I will choose Europe as I have a stronger urge to return there.

Taxi vs Public transport
Public transport is so much fun, and so much variety, the vaperetto in Venice, the trams in Melbourne, the Paris Metro, ferries in Sydney, finniculars in Wellington… We usually only taxi to or from the airport.

Backpack vs Suitcase
Suitcase for sure, and I struggle to keep it under the allowance.  I usually have one suitacase and a carry on which I always pack with essentials and one complete change of clothes (should my luggle go astray).

Planning vs Spontaneity
Again I mix both, I love to plan all the details but always leave free space for spontaneity.  If things don’t go to plan it doesn’t matter, we don’t let it spoil the trip.

Australia vs USA
Having never been to USA and being an Aussie this is a no brainer, Australia.  We have such a contrast here from snow to desserts, mountains, beaches and so many natural wonders.  I have lived most of my live in Western Australia and 2 years in Victoria and only last month went to New South Wales for the first time.  I still have a lot of our beautiful country to see… but so much more of the world first.

RV vs Tent
Definitely RV, having done a lot of camping in my younger days the only way you’d get me in a tent now would be if we were going Glamping.

Cruise vs Road trip
Although I’d love to do a roadtrip (Amalfi coast or Great Ocean Road spring to mind), I must admit I love cruising and have done 4 now.  I have only cruised with with Princess Lines and the most amazing cruise was the inaugral season for Royal Princess.  I got a bit obsessive and followed the building, launch, naming ceremony in every detail and so happy when onboard to hear the ship’s horn play the theme from the Love Boat.

Snorkeling vs Scuba
Again, I couldn’t pick as I’m not a water person.  If I had to be pinned down to one it would be snorkelling as I wouldn’t go very deep or far from the shore.

And at last, what is your favorite (travel) quote?
If you ignore the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, then might be better for you to stay at home.


A Hole In My Shoe



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