Today we went on the second planned day-trip to Tulum + Jungle Maya. We were picked up by Carlos (today’s Guide, driver, photographer, comic +) in the morning. The trip started at the Mayan ruins in Tulum who is the only Mayan ruins built by the sea.
We got a quick guided tour before we had time on our own.

About the beach in Tulum: “National Geographic declared Tulum the 4th best beach in the world”.

After that we went further into the jungle, to Rancho San Felipe, where we changed into swimsuits and were given towels.
Then the whole gang (9 in total) to a cenote where there was a shaman who waited for us. We stood in a semicircle around him, and he asked for permission from the Mayan spirits to enter the cave, and wished us a safe journey, (“Mayan purification ceremony”). In the original mayan way.

After this we went further up to another cenote that we rappelled down (50 ft). And then we climbed up several towers and ran zip lines above the jungle. There were a total of three lines, the last ended with a splash!

Then it was on to a cenote where we were given snorkel equipment. Here we snorkelled inward Nohoch Nah Chiich, which is part of Sac Actun cenote system, which is the longest underground river in the world. Very magical and spectacular stalagmites and stalactites with crystal clear water and bats hanging in the ceiling. Great experience!

We did not want to leave, but we had to have some lunch. When we had food in our stomachs and satisfied we went to a off road truck that would take us around in the rainforrest, in some very rough terrain.
(During our stay we were photographed and filmed on one occasion – we bought the CD with photos and film, plus we got out two prints).


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