When we travel we take literally thousands of pictures. We came across these card holders on eBay. Really smart for those who bring several memory cards on adventures. We rotate memory cards regularly in case something goes wrong with one of the cards. In such a scenario we do not loose all the pictures from e.g. “those three days”.

In addition to having several memory cards you may want to copy the images onto an external hard drive on longer journeys. For us who almost always brings a Mac with us it’s easy to transfer the pictures, but an idea may be to bring a memory card reader, find an Internet Cafè and copy the images onto the hard drive. Memory cards, card reader and hard drive is stored in a small and lightweight shock/splash-proof container.


A travel document holder is handy to gather important documents like passports, money, back-up credit card etc. Here we also store an usb flash drive with copies of important documents. In this way all your valuables stays collected so they don’t lay around loosely in the backpack or the safe in your hotel room.
We also bring a slim folder to store vouchers for hotels, tours, pre-booked pick up and other travel documents, and we usually place the documents in the order in which we (may) need them and put them.


A money belt is a smart safety measure! Should you lose your wallet or get robbed you have some back-up money in your belt (we have 50€ or $50 in it)
Try not to keep too much cash in your wallet, and keep your wallet in a front pocket, preferably a zipper pocket an 
not in your back pocket! Have a little money in your pocket for small purchases, so you don`t have to pull out your wallet and «flash» all your money to buy a soda, some snack etc.

A wire lock is a good idea for locking the backpack to for example the beach bed . This makes it a little harder to steal your backpack while sunbathing or swimming. We also have small locks on the zippers.


When flying, you may want to pack an extra pair of underwear in your hand luggage in case your luggage is delayed or lost. If you are travelling with someone else you may want to spread some clothes in both your luggages. Remember that valuables and important medication always should be in your hand baggage. And all of the gear we’ve mentioned above are stuff we bring in our carry-on.


Travel Insurance…

is very important, several travel companies offer travel insurance/cancellation insurance when booking your trip, but this may not be the best choice.  If you pay at least 50% of the journey with a credit card, you may have travel insurance included in the credit card.
Make sure that your travel insurance covers all activities you intend to do on your trip. Check with your company what they do or do not cover. If you are e.g. parachuting, diving or jet-skiing check that your insurance covers this, if not you often can buy additional specifications to include it in the agreement.

There is an ocean of insurance companies and some companies let you customize a travel insurance for you and your trip. We use Gouda, a Norwegian insurance company that specializes in travel insurance and they cover all (legal) activities such as skydiving, scuba diving, bungee etc.

It`s important to check the amount of travel days and which amount the company covers by delayed baggage, lost baggage, hospital expenses/home transport and accident, disability and death .



Some hotel research is advisable before booking the trip. Check rates at several sites before you order, as you may save lots of money. Several websites offer big discounts when purchasing flight and hotel together and alternatively a rental car. If you are going to a big city and you know what you want to see/do, you may want to find a hotel that is strategically located in relation to these sights. 

It`s also a good idea to check the hotels website and www.tripadvisor.com for more info and photos, as well as reviews written by previous guests.

If you want to stay very reasonable or completely free, you can check out options as AirBnB, Couchsurfing and House Sitting.


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