For quite some time we have been thinking about where to go on this years vacation. We had a couple of options; Africa, Asia or back to Mexico again. It has not been easy to decide, but at the same time it was some how…

In the autumn 2013 we booked a trip back to Mexico for January 2014, but because of unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel the trip just as fast as we booked it. But we can not get rid of the desire to go back to Mexico, so we have decided that in the fall of 2014 we will return to our paradise – Riviera Maya, Mexico.

We had already decided on 3 weeks, and since “Tui” here in Norway did not offer 3 weeks, we had to turn elsewhere to book the package-holiday (booking flight and hotel separate was very expensive). We checked with “Tui” in our neighbour country Sweden, they offered 1,2,3 and 4 weeks. But the trips for the winter 2014/2015 was not yet available.

Impatient as we were, we checked out another option – UK and Thomson(Tui).
From London we could catch a direct flight to Mexico for 3 weeks, same place and same hotel as last time, just what we wanted 🙂
If we had booked the trip from Norway in the same time of the year, we would have to catch a connecting flight anyway, so for us to first fly to London is not much different. So we have now booked a flight from Oslo Airport to London, and the package-holiday with Thomson, from London to Cancun, Mexico, at Azul Sensatori, swim up suite with gourmet all inclusive.

Azul Sensatori

The last time we were in Mexico we stayed for 2 weeks, and it was 2 fantastic weeks – but we felt that it was just a little bit to short. We have already thought about what we want to do in Mexico this time, and now we get more time to explore, but also to enjoy the laidback atmosphere and luxury of the gourmet all inclusive at the hotel 🙂

Of course it would be fun to experience something new; a new place, a new country, maybe in a hole new part of the world, but right now Mexico is closest to our hearts!

Updates for this trip, the pre-planing, relevant tours and other general info will be posted in the blog.
Also we are currently planing this year Easter-holiday. More about this later, but one hint we can reveal: road trip 😉

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  1. Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta? I rent a villa in a small fishing village just south of PV that for a quiet relaxing time away its perfect. The Village is called Boca De Tomatlan and I think its worth a look

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