The time we had in Budapest, we spent on the “hop on hop off” bus and we took the “cable car” up to Castle Hill.

“Cable car”

After Budapest we left Hungary behind us and entered Slovakia again.

The border between Ungarn and Slovakia

Now it was time for the city Bratislava and Devin Hotel, a four star hotel right on the Danube.

Hotel Devin

In Bratislava we went up to see Bratislava Castle (which was closed that day). We also ate an overly expensive (and bad) dinner – 90 euro for two steak dinners, where the baked potato I ordered was cold.

Bratislava castle

Along came the day that the rental car had to be returned, and we went back to Vienna. We got out to the parking lot where the car was delivered and everything was in perfect order. So we carried on to find a taxi that would take us into Vienna, Inner Stadt and the hotel for our last night: Pension Aviano – My Secret Home, which regards itself as a four star hotel.

After the rental car was delivered we threw our luggage on to our backs (and fronts).

The reception was in the 7th floor (looked like 4th floor because strange division of the different floors) and there was a tiny elevator, so we startet to walk the stairs… but we had no energy left so we crept to the cross and took the elevator instead – it was just like a tetris game, stacking the bags in order to make it fit.


We took 15 minutes in the room to find out where the different sights we wanted to see were, and opening hours. We wanted to see Madame Tussaud’s, and found that if we ordered tickets online, we got a better deal. So when we arranged it before we went there by taxi. After that we went to Schönbrunn Palace and walked around inside. It was a little disappointing that it was not allowed to take pictures inside.

Schönbrunn Palace

Later that day we went to the ‘Vienna market’ to look. It was mostly food and other eatable to buy, and something had to be tested, so we bought caramels, dried coconut and something gelatin stuff.

Then came this day, the last day of this year’s Easter holiday. It was just to pack and get to the hotels breakfast area. We were not exactly in a large hotel (with its 17 rooms) so it was a small and intimate breakfast, but the food was actually alright!
We got checked out and left our luggage before we strolled out. Outside it was snowing horizontally, so we went straight to the “Schatzkammer” to see the royal “treasures”.

We were also at a globe-museum and an art history museum with armor and weapons of various kinds.

Also we did some shopping.
We did not taken too many pictures of the city of Vienna due to snowy weather, but we got to see quite a bit before we had to go to the airport to catch the plane home.

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