New Year’s Eve In The Sand

There is no secret that we’re not a big fan of winter and cold weather, and in 2015 we had the opportunity to travel during Christmas time. With our stomachs stuffed with delicious food, candy and Christmas cookies we headed towards the airport and boarded the flight to Bali in Indonesia on Christmas Day. We […]

Surf ’n Smurf – Catching My First Wave

I just want to share my first surf experience with the whole world, honest and uncensored. So here it goes – feel free to laugh!     For some unknown reason I have been wanting to try surfing, and on my (private) bucket list it says: “Take surf lessons”. Earlier this year we were in […]

To Istanbul… The trouble begins!

We had several hours to spare before our late flight to Istanbul and we had no plans. So we found out that we wanted to use our last day in Israel on something we doesn’t do too much while traveling: Just relax at the beach. Fun facts about Israel – There are more than 40 […]