Meeting Mountain Gorillas: A Once In A Lifetime Experience

The clock turned 05:00 am and the alarm rang, finally! We had been sleeping on and off during the whole night as our bodies were filled with excitement. You know that feeling as a kid waiting for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. You just can’t fall asleep because of the presents waiting to be unwrapped. […]

First Travel Plans Made for 2017

Our next adventure is right around the corner (we’re flying out on Sunday 6th of November), and this time we are going to Costa Rica (weee! only ONE day left). We will be driving around in a rental car and experience different parts of the country. Also we will take a day trip to Nicaragua, just […]

5 years of traveling (Part 1)

The time flies by and I remember it like it was yesterday… 4th of July 2011 was the day we met for the very first time after chatting online for hours and hours for three days in a row, after we got in touch at a dating site. We clicked immediately, it was (cliché, I […]

Desert and Dunes

On an overland tour you have to be prepared to wake up early (almost) every day on the road, and that’s totally fine since we wanted to spend as much time and see as much as we could while we were in another continent. Sleep can we do at home… We left the desolated mountain […]

Challenge accepted!

For you this will probably be no problem, but for us, a couple who almost never need to think about how much to bring (the luxury as part time travellers) we have a challenge to fit everything in a “small” bag. According to the flight company (Emirates) we can bring 30kg, and that’s something we […]

First trip goes to…

In the middle of 2014 we announced that we had plans for a trip to Africa in early 2015, but we had to postpone this plan to the end of the year instead.  Year 2014 was over and we had to start planning some trips in 2015. No place “spoke to us,” and we struggled […]