Earlier this month we decide to take a mini vacation, and a day later we found out what we wanted to do. For a long time we’ve had a big wish to stay at this castle in Sweden. And it turned out that they had rooms available, not in the castle, but that was good enough for us. All we wanted was to get out on the road and go away to a beautiful place, and live like in a fairytale.

Just 40 kilometers north of Gothenburg in Sweden is Thorskogs Castle. An English Renaissance castle surrounded by the most beautiful English Park where you can play golf, go for a walk, have a nice romantic picnic or just relax by the manmade pond with a fountain. Around the area you will find an old forest and there is also opportunity to walk to a lake for a refreshing bath.

As we walked through the gate and up towards the Grand Manor House we got to see this romantic beautiful castle, surrounded by a green flowery garden with geese amble around. And inside the castle we were greeted by the pleasant staff who could tell that we had been upgraded to a suite. How nice! We got handed a picnic basket and a blanket to sit on, and we walked to find us a suitable spot for a romantic lunch, in the shade under a tree.

Inside the Castle
Inside the Castle

In our room we could find a lovely fruit platter, sparkling wine and exclusive chocolates. We sat down for a while to relax and enjoy the moment. We were finally here, at a real castle! Yet another bucket list item was checked (or not actually since we didn’t stay in the castle but in another building).

Our suite
In our suite

At 19:00 it was time for a three course dinner, with a small appetizer to start with. The food was tasty, and the dishes matched each other well.

The day after we stepped into the castle and were met by a neatly arranged castle breakfast with the opportunity to make fresh squeezed orange juice.
After we had eaten we checked out before we went on to this tour’s next castle. For yes, this weekend would be a (long) weekend hunting for castles in southern Sweden.

The next we got to was Carlsten Fortress, but we didn’t go the whole way since we’d have to take a ferry, and it would only take a lot of our time, and it wasn’t that special. The same applied for Bohus Fortress (no need for ferry, but it was somehow not special enough that we would spend time there) so we just went on to the next one: Landskronas Citadel.

Landskronas Citadel

We went for a short walk out in the sun to take some photos before we headed for the next one: Trolleholm Castle. It turned out that this was privately owned, but we got some pictures 😉 And Trolleholm is our big favorite from this trip. What a wonderful castle!

Just minutes away lay Vittskövle Castle. Also a private one, but it was allowed to walk in the castle park.

The evening came and it was time to find somewhere to stay for the night. We hadn’t booked anything, so took a look at the GPS, and what did we found at the top of the list of hotels? Oh yeah, it was a castle. So it was worth checking out! We came to Bäckaskogs Castle and they had available rooms in the castle. We ate a nice three course dinner; duck, beef (for Jon), chicken (for me) and a yummy dessert.
Before we went to bed we played a few games of pool in the castle.


After breakfast the next day we had a few hours on the road before we arrived the next castle: Kalmars Castle. We had to pay 120SEK for entrance.

We walked around and took some photos before we went back outside to eat lunch.
Whilst we sat there eating Jon saw that a parking guard went to our car to write a ticket. It turned out that it wasn’t allowed to park there. He was nice and said that now that we had gotten the fine, we could stand there until we were finished eating. But when we went back to the car to travel further, he came up to us and asked us to just tear up the fine. We thanked him so much and went on. How lucky are we?

The next one was a pretty amazing castle situated 4-5 km south of the City Centre of Växjö. Although the castle has a very medieval feel to it, it was not built until 1900.
The castle we’re talking about is Teleborg Castle.

We took some photos and jumped back in the car to drive to the next, but it was 6 hours away…  And we liked the castle so much so we turned around and went to check out if there was the opportunity to stay there. We got lucky and they had rooms available, both in the castle and in other buildings. The price was the same, but the rooms in the castle had bathrooms and toilets in the corridor. We decided to sleep in the castle, of course!
Just when we had checked in it began lightning and thundering at the same time.
We felt that we were in Dracula’s Castle at that moment.

Fun Fact: Fredrik Bonde af Björnö had the Teleborg Castle erected as a wedding gift to his young wife in 1900.


At this moment they don’t serve dinner at the Castle, but in a building down near the lake Trummen, and the café/restaurant is owned by Teleborg Castle. We sat there for a couple hours for dinner, and the food was really tasty.
This was an awesome experience and we’re glad we decided to stay.

Sunday morning it was time to head back home. We ate some breakfast (served at the castle) and checked out before we drove towards Freeport Outlet, 20 min south of Gothenburg. We just wanted to do something before we went home, but we didn’t find anything.

On the way home we were stuck in line at the border between Sweden and Norway because of the increased security due to the threat of terrorism directed against Norway the last week.

We just have to say that this was an amazing weekend, a dream came true – We finally got to stay at a castle, several actually.

Thorskogs Castle

At all these three castles it was both breakfast and free wifi included, and that’s something we love while we’re traveling so that we can share our trips with our followers.


3 thoughts on “Castle hunting in Sweden

  1. Staying, eating and gallivanting around castles – what a life we live the 21st century! I would love to see these places for myself … how much did your castle stay cost?

    1. Think it was around 500 USD for both of us one night at Thorskog castle with picnic basket, dinner and breakfast included, and 250 USD at Teleborg castle with breakfast included. It was totaly worth it 🙂 and a dream came true!

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