We have now been in Mexico for over a week, and the last days we have been to Xplor, sort of an activity park, and Xel Ha.

We were picked up at the hotel around 9am, and the bus took us to the Xplor park. Here we ran small off road cars for ourselves – through the jungle, over suspension bridges and through caves. We also paddled a raft through an underground river. In addition, we ran several zip lines + a water slide.

The park is an all inclusive park, so we could eat and drink as much as we wanted at the restaurant.
During the whole day in the park we went with numbered helmets and were photographed during the various activities (we bought the photos, and we got it on a USB memory-stick). Around 5pm we hopped on the bus that took us back at the hotel.


A few days after that, we went to another activity park – Xel Ha.
The first thing we did when we came into the park was to book an appointment to Snuba Cenote (about the same as diving, but the tanks were in a dinghy at the water surface, so you do not have to have it on your back).
We wandered around to orientate us about where the different activities were and took some pictures.

After a hike around the park we took the shuttle “train” up to the beginning of the river we were to snorkel down. We dropped off personal belongings (such as sandals and clothing) as a deposit for snorkeling equipment. We had brought our own mask and snorkel with us, so we just needed fins and lifejackets.
We jumped in and snorkeled our way down the river among all the fish.

At the bottom half of this photo you can se the fresh water from the lake and sea-water mixing

At the end of the snorkel trip we went ashore, and we could swap snorkel gear with our personal belongings that they had brought down, so that we did not have to go back up to where we started

We ate lunch before we wandered to the cenote we were to dive in. It was just us and another couple. We were given masks, belt with weights, and a helmet and harness regulator. And we got instructions and review of hand signals, before we jumped into the water cenote and tested what it was like to breathe underwater. When everyone felt ready we let ourselves down, and followed the guide. We swam around and inward in an underwater cave, and suddenly the 60 minutes had flown by.

Before todays trip to the park, we were concerned that it would be a little too long to be in the park for 7-8hours, but we were wrong. During the day we saw dolphins, manatees (sea cow), stingray, white-nosed coati (related species of raccoon), iguanas and many different fish and bird species. Also here food and drinks were included, so we could have as much food and drinks we wanted.


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