We know this is far from the best way to see a city and we wish we had more time, but on the other side we wanted to make the best out of the 9 hour long stopover in Singapore on our way home from Bali.


They arrange a free Singapore tour from the airport that is open to transit passengers of all airlines, but our flight was expected right after the last registration closed so we had decided to just leave the airport and see the city on our own. With Norwegian passports we get a free entry visa at the airport and we just had to fill out the entry form we got on the plane, and everything went just fine on our way out, but then the trouble began…
We went down to the bus station and found bus number 36, but when the bus arrived we where told to get smaller notes, so we ran in to exchange. But when we got back out the bus had already left and we had to wait for the next one. When that one arrived the driver told us that we had to have the exact amount of what a ticket costs (SG$2.50 p.p). Why didn’t the first driver tell us that, or how much it was? We discussed with the driver to find a solution, and we had three options: to miss this bus to exchange again, to pay too much or to ask someone on the bus to exchange, and we told him that we were willing to pay too much, but at that moment a young super kind lady came out of the blue and paid the tickets for us. Wait, what? Do people actually do that? The answer is yes! She really made our day and we wish we could pay her back, but after that we didn’t see her again. So to whoever you are, THANK YOU!

When arriving Singapore City centre we found the Hop on Hop off Bus as we thought that was our best option to see the city in such short time. We loved to sit on the bus (we’re a fan of these) and just watch the city around us, walk around and get a small taste of the city, and we actually had a great time!


Overfilled local bus in Singapore

Hop on hop off SingaporeAt the hop on hop off bus

After we were finished with the red route we had to think about getting back to the airport, and as it still was many hours left on our 24h Hop on Hop off ticket we decided to give it away, and we found one happy lady who wanted them and she even offered to pay, but didn’t want that – we just wanted to give something back after someone made our day.

Next time traveling through Changi Airport we hope we can have at least a couple of days layover in the city to explore some more.


Photos from our time in Singapore:

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  1. I think I’ll be going to Singapore at the end of May and, like you, for a very short period of time. I had no idea about the free transit tours from the airport. What a concept! Will probably be there for a few days, so hop on/hop off seems like a good option!

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