We just want to write about an item on our bucket list, so here it comes:

It was the day in Mexico in 2012 when we were snuba diving in a cenote that we decided that we had to get the diving license. It was this feeling, it’s hard to describe, but.. yeah, you can breathe under water, and it’s a whole new world under there. It felt so peaceful.

One year later we had still not become divers, but we were in Australia and we really couldn’t let the change slip through. We were in fact in Australia, the country with the best known and largest reef in the whole wide world; the Great Barrier Reef. We didn’t have that much time (three weeks to spend on the East Coast of Australia, from Sydney to Cairns – That’s not enough time to use three-four days in the water to become certified). But we did join in on an introductory diving day trip, and got to dive three times on the reef. It was majestic, it was, oh, so special… being so close to the life under water. It was perfect!

It’s not the same conditions in Norway as in e.g. Australia. The water is cool, and not that clear (not at all in the area around Oslo), so we decided to take the course here home in Norway.
Almost a year after our trip ‘down under’ we attended the PADI Open Water course at ProDykk Oslo.

The first day we had theory, found suitable diving gear and got some more information. On day 2 we got dressed for some hours under water: long wool underwear, dry suit, heavy oxygen tanks, etc. Everything weighted around 35kg. Then we walked to the pool where we were about to spend a couple-three hours under water. We went through every exercises we were meant to learn: how to breath under water, how to get the water out of your mask or even to remove and put the mask back on, how to breath if your ventilator get broken and start to blow constant, how a controlled emergency ascent is performed, and so much more.
On day #3 we were ready for our first dive in the ocean. The walk down to the water felt like miles, but in fact it was maybe 100m to walk, lol. The sun was shining, it was 25 degrees, we had wool inside the dry suite, and the diving gear was heavy. We jumped into the water and everything felt just perfect.
We started to descend down to a platform at 8m where we had to perform every exercise as the day before. Everything went just fine, and we had no troubles J
Day number 4 we did the same, but we had to perform some other exercises. And we were down on 18m. The day ended with an exam. Every single one in our class passed!

In Norway you get one extra day where you dive on your own (but an instructor will be watching the bubbles and you have to be back in time).
We got to dive two times, and we dived with nitrox the second time (since we were about to take this extra course later that day).
We got back up, got dressed and then we had some more theory before a finally exam (and we did pass that too). So now we are finally certified PADI Open Water Divers and we can dive with nitrox.


Scuba Divers


Now we can’t wait to use our license diving in Mexico! We’re counting the days, and as we’re so busy with our new apartment the time just flies by. Soon, very soon, we’re back in paradise!


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  2. You learned in Norway? It must have been so cold … and expensive! I think you’ll like Mexico better … just a hunch! 😛

    1. Yeah, we descided to do so as we get to experience Norwegian conditions (we live here and also want to dive here too :)). It wasn’t that cold. 18’C on 18m. And we had dry suits and wool under.

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