There are many books out there with plenty of photo tips, but we have tried to put together some simple tips for you that can help you to take better holiday photos:

  • Try to get the locals in a natural pose. A picture of a cafe/restaurant in a back alley in Athens will be far more interesting if you get a waiter or the chef in the picture. In many countries it’s inappropriate to photograph people without permission. Check what the local practice is where you are, and ask for permission if in doubt.
  • Try to compose the shot so the subject becomes dominant in the picture.
    “The golden section,” The subject in the center of the picture can be very dull, imagine 3×3 routes in the picture and put the subject in one of the crossing points.

photography holiday tips

  • Use the empty space in the image active, if you photograph a person you can use empty space in the direction the person is looking. If there is a subject that moves you use empty space in the direction the subject is moving.
  • Getting closer to the subject is almost always better than zooming in.
    Try different angles, zoom in or out to get more or less in the picture.
    Use a low camera angle when shooting children or objects on the ground.
    Lie down on the ground if you have to, to get the right angle.
  • Think about depth in the picture. Example, if you are capturing a sunset it might be nice to include something that makes yourimage stand out from everyone else sunsets.
    Try to get an animal, house, boat or other objects in front of the sunset.
    A sunset alone can be really boring, but as a background a sunset is a nice option. Mind the horizon, a crooked horizon rarely looks good.
  • If your camera is at the bottom of your backpack, it`s impossible to take spontaneous pictures. Make sure to have your camera handy for good snapshots.
  • The photo light is best in the morning and afternoon. At midday the light often is difficult.
  • Vary the photo angles and exposures; take many varieties of each scene. Its better to take one photo too much.
  • Always carry extra memory card/battery with you.

These are tips we don`t follow 100% our self, and we are far from pros. But if you have these tips in the back of your head, you will eventually take better and better pictures. Practice makes perfect.


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4 thoughts on “Photo tips

  1. Very nice tips! Thanks for sharing. A friend who is a photographer says it is always better to use the daylight for photos and that is what he (almost) always does 🙂

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