Depending on wether we’re going on a three week long adventure or just going away for a couple of days we usually bring the same in our hand luggage. Some variations may occur since there’s a difference between a 20h long flight and a two hour long one, so the list will be based on the average flight.

So what’s in our carry-on?

– Mac/Ipad and phone
Electronic should always be in your carry-on. And you’ll also have something to do if you’re bored; watch a movie, play games, do some work, listen to music etc.

– Usb cable for mobile phone
Cables for laptop/mac can be bought in a local store if the checked baggage for some reason don’t show up. And many flights offer output so you can charge your phone on board.

– Camera (DSLR), batteries and memory cards
Memory cards can be replaced, but you don’t want to loose your precious holiday photos, so think about that especially on the way home with filled memory card.

– Headphones
We use noise canceling headphones, and have some in-ear earphones in reserve. The noise canceling headphones is ingenious; no more aircraft noise, and you don’t have to turn up the volume on max to block out all the noise on the plane.

– Neck pillow and eye mask
For longer flights where we want to rest and maybe get som sleep.

– Wipes
It feels better when you can clean your hands before a meal, or maybe you want to wipe the tray?

– Bag of liquids (meeting carry-on size requirements)
What the bag contains varies from trip to trip, on weekend trips we have to fit deo, parfymes, liquid makeup etc. in it, but usually we only bring small bottles with antibac and nasal spray.

– Jewelry
Valuable items should like electronics be stored in hand baggage

– Wallet
With credit cards and some money; taking a taxi? tip for your driver? Yep, money enough for everything you may need when you arrive your destination. We prefer to exchange some money at the airport before we leave so we don’t have to look for ATM immediately when we arrive our destination.

– Travel document holder
Passports, money, back-up credit cards, vaccination card, international drivers license and a pen (you may have to fill out immigration papers and then you don’t have to wait to borrow one, and you can fill out the papers on the plane).

– Slim document folder
Containing vouchers for hotels, tours, pre-booked pick up and other travel documents. And the documents are sorted in the order we will need them.

– Medication
We take with us essential medications that can’t be purchased without a prescription, as well as pills we might need during the flight. Along with this, we also have a letter from our doctors which says what we use and why.

– Food and Drink
We like to bring some snack such as chocolate and salt potato chips, and something to drink (water bottle, soda or energy drink)

– Clothing
We’re not particularly adept at this point, but you may want to pack a change of clothes or just a extra pair of underwear in your hand baggage in case your checked luggage is delayed or lost.


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