Putting together a packing list before you pack is very wise, then you reduce the risk of forgetting something important. What you need to pack for a trip is very individual, and there are many factors that come into play; where you are going, how’s the weather, what to do etc. so it`s not possible for us to write a list suitable for everyone and all destinations.


A general tip is to not pack more than you need, most airlines allow 20-23kg checked in baggage, and some airlines are strict regarding overweight. You may want to leave a few kilos to spare for souvenirs and other shopping.
Our experience is that it’s very comfortable to travel only with carry-on, so if you can fit everything in your hand luggage that is great – you’ll save lots of time on the airport! (Most airlines allow 6-10kg carry-on baggage).


What’s in our carry-on?

Weekend packing list

Packing for safari/overland tour?

Have you booked a charter holiday?

Going on a roadtrip?



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