For you this will probably be no problem, but for us, a couple who almost never need to think about how much to bring (the luxury as part time travellers) we have a challenge to fit everything in a “small” bag. According to the flight company (Emirates) we can bring 30kg, and that’s something we really love. But then again, we’re joining in on an overland group tour and we have to think about the amount we bring with us.


Packing Challenge


This time we’ll pack in a bag we usually use on a trip lasting a week and up to ten days, but this time we’ll be gone for 26 days.
So can we fit everything we want into this bag?


Packing Challenge


Challenge accepted!

You will probably laugh and think “What? They bring way too much, that’s not necessary. Amateurs!”
And we will laugh with you. This is us in a nutshell.

First we think about things that we really need such as a t-shirt, shorts, underwear, sun lotion, soap, conditioner (yep, I’ve read that it’s something you really miss if you don’t bring a good one on a tour like this – and with my newly curled hair I really really don’t want to look like I have a big birds nest on the top of my hair at the end of the tour. My parents would have wondered what I brought with me home: “Is it a bird? Do you have snakes in there? Is it a freakin’ lion?” etc.. They know I love animals.

But, now I’m blabbering, so back to the topic…
We do pack a warm sweater since it can be cold in the evenings, swimwear, sandals, sunglasses, el-adapter and a medical kit. In addition to this we both have to bring a good amount of camera equipment (you just can’t go on a tour like this without it).
And after we’ve picked out all of the above a thought jumps into our head “I don’t want to walk around in the same shorts day after day” and we pick out a few more… And the same applies to t-shirts, singlets and other clothing. (We really are hopeless!).


Packing Challenge


But in the end we actually will fit everything in our bags. You probably wonder how we know that, since our trip isn’t before mid-March. But we’re so excited about this trip, so our bags are almost packed.
We do have concerns about one thing: Souvenirs. But as I wrote earlier we can have 30kg, and Emirates have a weight concept, not a piece concept, so if we find some awesome stuff we want to bring with us home, we will buy a cheap bag and manage it anyway.

At last I have to say that we really admire those who manage to pack in small backpack for a year on the road. So all creds to you who walk from city to city, fly from country to country, from mountain to beaches with all your belongings in a small daypack. We have something to learn from you…


Packing Challenge


16 thoughts on “Challenge accepted!

  1. I am sooooo not a light packer. I bring multiple pairs of shoes to match my outfits, not to mention the purse too! Soooo hard!

    1. I hear you! And actually glad to see there are more people out there like us. It’s so much focus on packing light, but as long as it fits you and you can carry it with you without any problems I can’t see why we should do it.

  2. I’m continually on a quest to pack lighter and have yet to master it. Hate wrenching my shoulders and hands just to walk a few blocks or through a terminal. I hope your journey is easier.

  3. 26 days in that bag? I couldn’t do it! I can’t stand not having clean(ish) clothes and that would mean a lot of washing things out and having time and weather for them to dry. Good luck – curious to find out what you took that you didn’t need! Enjoy!

  4. I admire those people, too. But then again, I am willing to make a sacrifice like carrying a bit more just to actually look decent on my photos. I tried the shabby wearing-the-worst-clothes-I-have look and hated it. So am curious about your conculsion after the trip.

    1. Actually glad to see there are more of us 😉 I really have no problem as long as we can lift our bags and carry it. So I don’t think we’ll change in the future 😉 But after the trip it will be easier to write a list of things you really need (and we take the bonus stuff).

  5. Dere er gærne! 😀 Jeg gleder meg så syyyyyykt til å få oppdateringer og bilder! Ja, jeg lever gjennom dere når dere er på tur. 😀

    1. De gærne har det godt 😀 Vi skal prøve å oppdatere så ofte som mulig underveis! Litt begrenset blir det ettersom vi er i bushen, så da får man heller glede seg til masse bilder når vi kommer hjem igjen 😉

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