The second last day in Mexico, the plan was to just relax at the hotel in a Bali bed by the pool. But having spent a few hours there we found out that we had to take a trip into the city Puerto Morelos itself. So we went to the bell-boy standing outside the hotel and he called a taxi for us, and within a few minutes it was there.
We wandered around Puerto Morelos, a tiny place right on the beach, while the taxi driver was waiting for us.
There was not much to see or do there, but it is “known” for the lighthouse that was bending over by a hurricane, and has since been that way and survived numerous hurricanes after that.

The leaning lighthouse

We ate a light lunch and bought a few little things. And after less than two hours we had had enough and went back to the taxi that took us back to the hotel.

Wave swim up bar

Other things we did during our time in Mexico, except from spoiling ourselves with luxury and relaxation at the pool was 50minutters hydrotherapy followed by 50 minute full body massage under the stars on the beach.

We also went on a shopping trip to Playa del Carmen: Here, we tested the fish spa, bought some souvenirs, ate lunch and shopped some more. We ate at Le Chique two evenings; one dinner was 16-course (where you have to pay a small fee – something you do not need to do on the 8 course). Here we tasted different and creatively composed dishes.

Fish spa in Playa del Carmen

Le Chique

We had also ordered “candle light dinner at the beach”, but the concerge that booked it was not aware that the restaurant which hosts the dinner was closed that Tuesday, we did not have any more time. But they apologized and they should make sure that we do not have any expenses for a room further on checkout-day (we had asked in advance).
After our last dinner at Le Chique, which was last night at the hotel, we went back to our room and found the Jacuzzi filled and decorated with flowers.

The last day in Mexico we used to relax and enjoy ourselves, bathing, eating at the BBQ down to the beach, take lots of pictures. And we got another room we could use until departure.

Our bags were taken to the room and we went to the lobby and relaxed there until our transport arrived to take us to the airport.

There were some delays at the airport, but we got a bite to eat, plus we saw Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams, who would take the same flight as us. This was a man who was soon noticed by everyone around the gate. (Google him)
Despite the delay we did not missed our conecting flight from Frankfurt to Oslo.


I finish with a summary:

The hotel:

It was a fine five star hotel that lived up to the high expectations and then some. The hotel was neat and clean at all times and had nice touches (such as ashtrays filled with sand, stamped with the hotel’s logo at any time). The outdoor area was kept neat and clean.
One could get towels for use at the pool and on the beach (and was also good to take if we were on trips) in two towel stands and switch to dry/clean towel when you wanted to. Those who worked in these stalls could also arrange some trips (were they who arranged the snorkel trip we were on early at the holiday).

Roomservice 24/7 was included and had a decent selection at all times.

Breakfast in bed

The beach however was not too nice, but this we were fully aware of. Because it is so close to the reef as it is, it is much seaweed on the beach (which they remove daily), and the water is murky and painful coral bottom. But not too far out it’s crystal clear water and plenty to see.

Cleaning the beach

Concerge could taka care of just about everything: transportation, changing minibar, activities, massage and more. They acted in a way like a personal assistant. A proper service to the guests!


Hotelbeds who worked for Star Tour (TUI) came to the hotel if we’d like to book tours or answer questions we had about trips.

We traveled at the end of the rainy season and was prepared for some rain. However, we experienced rain twice during the day, one raifall lasted a while on the way home from Chichen Itza / Valladolid, while others lasted for fifteen minutes before it cleared up. But just about every evening we saw and heard tunderstorms in the distance, and the rain late at night (almost every night). But we surely have been lucky dodged the rain during the day.

The Mexicans seemed like a very friendly people. Some hassle around the souvenir stalls, but not in the way that they were angry about not selling us anything. On Cozumel they seemed to be a litle more eager – in the way that they continued to try and sell you something, even if you had declined.

I know this was a long read, but we hope you have enjoyed reading about our holiday. We enjoyed our selves, and got a lot of new experiences. We have good memories, and a great desire to return.


Shisha pipe
Public area
The pier at the hotel beach in the sunrise
Ashtray details

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