Wednesday, our last whole day in Cairns we did not have ha plan, we felt that we had seen and done Cairns. We ended up with a drive to Mission Beach, which is a couple of hours driving south of Cairns. Nice drive witch a combination of rain forest and beach. But it was not to much to do in this small “village”. We browsed in the few shops that were there, had lunch and took a dip in the ocean (there was a stinger-net here too). Then we drove back to Cairns and had dinner at the same steak-house as last night. We then stopped at a supermarket to buy some more bread, and some snack for the flights home.

Mission Beach

Thursday we got out of bed, had breakfast and started gathering our belongings we had stored around in the RV, and started packing, and throwing what we did not need or wanted to bring home.

The bags were ready and we did the dishes and cleaned the inside of the RV.

We were ready early, so we chilled out by the pool before heading of to deliver the RV. We delivered the RV, and everything was OK! We grabbed a taxi and got to the airport. There we did some shopping and had lunch before bordering the plane departing at 5pm.

Some fun fact about our trip:

  • In total we drove 4.522 km with our RV on our journey from Sydney to Cairns
  • We filled in total diesel on the RV for 777,97 AUD
  • The average price for a powered site on the camp sites we visited was: 35,7 AUD per night
  • In total we used 489,98 liters of diesel on the RV
  • We used in total 500,3 AUD on camp sites

We landed at Sydney airport around 9pm (the flight took 3 hours, and we changed time zone again), found a taxi and got to the hotel (Mercure Sydney Airport hotel) which were right next to the airport. We went to bed to get a couple of hours sleep. At 4am we woke up again. We took the shuttle-bus to the airport at 4:30am. We had some time before departure.

Two tired travelers on the way to the airport

We first flew with Singapore Airlines to Singapore, then to Frankfürt with the same company. Then we finished the trip with Lufthansa.

When we arrived Oslo airport we got a message that our bags would be delayed because the could not get the baggage door open (it had frozen!) But after a little while they got it open, and our bags appeared on the conveyor.

All in all a great trip!

The camp sites are often well equipped! Access to toilet and showers and kitchen/bbq. And many camp sites has a pool. And they often have laundry facilities (it makes it easier to pack as little as possible). Many sites offers Wi-Fi (prices varies from unlimited included in the site-price to 4AUD for 30min).

If you plan on renting a passenger car and renting cabins, you have to plan on getting to the camp site early (camp sites often close at 5pm). If you drive an RV you can often arrange to just enter and pay the next morning.
We felt that an RV was practical, but we did not really need toilet/shower, even though it could be handy if you do not find a camp site, or do not want to go out in the middle of the night.

Australian wildlife! Australia is known for its diversity of animals, of which many species are dangerous. But we feel that fear for such as snakes or spiders should not stop you from visiting this magnificent country. If you take care, and take your precautions you have come a long way.

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