Le Chique is an award-winning, adults-only restaurant, and can be found in the all inclusive resort Azul Sensatori, just 20 minutes from Cancun. The restaurant is also available for guests outside the hotel, and you can choose between the 16- and 22-course dinner with wine pairings. As guest at the hotel the 16-course is included in the gourmet inclusive program. The food, decoration and atmosphere make this the ultimate food experience.
But be sure to book in advance (3-4 days before).

In this restaurant the menu are designed to puzzle, amuse and amaze you, and each dish are a work of art, literally.

We sat in the wine cellar, one of two special tables. The other can be found at the chef’s table, in the kitchen. But no worry, wherever your table can be found you will have a special and unique evening.
We had the 22-course dinner, and were there for about 3 hours.

We will not reveal too much, but we want to share our pictures with you, so you can see the art behind the food.

Welcome to the restaurant where nothing is as it seems! They play a lot with the flavors and your senses, an exotic restaurant complete with gourmet preparations, a range of flavors, and inventive techniques intended to tease the senses and tell a unique story with each course.

Welcome drink

Frozen margarita wrapped in white cotton candy.

It’s kind of what it looks like…
What’s inside the box?
You have to find the right one
Look! Isn’t this something special? You’ll be impressed!

What a nice presentation

The head chef is preparing the next course

Can you imagine what this got a taste of?
This one you have to love. You must crush the lemon!

The last one!

Hope you enjoyed this post and were tempted to visit Le Chique the next time you’re in the area.

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  1. Wow! Spectacular. I love dinners like that, where every dish is surprising and unique. I would really love to go there. I’m taking my mom and sister to Cancun in late July. We’ll have to try to get reservations. It looks so incredible.

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