The end of this great adventure approached, but we had one last whole day left in Africa, and we had many of those hours on our own. We had planned some pretty awesome stuff to do.

At 06:10 we got picked up at the hotel to enjoy one last game drive in a private game park, and we hoped to see leopards and rhinos. We were 8 in total plus a guide/driver. We drove around, had a tea/coffee break, some more driving before breakfast, and then we returned back to the hotel. We did see many giraffes, buffaloes, springbok, zebras, and we did see a couple rhinos! Unfortunately no Leopards, but with that in mind we really have to go back to Africa.

We had a short stop at the hotel to change clothes and get ready for the rest of the day. We took a taxi to the Victoria Falls Bridge, checked out of Zimbabwe and headed for the bridge over Zambezi River for the next activity of the day: Bungee!
Jon jumped when he was in Africa the last time, so this time it was my turn. I had to fill out a form and be weighted before we went back to the middle of the bridge where you are jumping. I got the harness on, then they were tightening blankets around the legs and got me hooked on the bungee cord.

They took me to the drop and started counting: 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – JUMP! No time to hesitate, because I knew if I did, I would’ve had a problem doing the leap, and I didn’t have time to think and just tried to jump out. What a feeling… free fall for about 2 seconds with the head first, and suddenly you’re already on the way up. I was so nervous before I got my harness on, but after… I don’t know what happened, but it was so much fun, and I could finally check of the bungee on my bucket list.
The height for the bungee at Vic Falls is 111m, and a great place to do it for the first time (or the second or third).

After the jump they pulled me up, and I had to walk back up to the bridge, get the harness off and get my pictures, video and certificate. We also bought some refreshment whilst waiting, before we passed on to the border; the other border – The Zambian border.
At the office they had Ebola Screening for everyone who wanted to cross the border, and so we did. We were cleared and got our passport stamped (we already had a double visa for both Zimbabwe and Zambia). And actually they were really nice and friendly at the border!

On the other side we got hold of a taxi that took us in to Livingstone. The taxi driver was a talker, and he told us about everything and wanted to show us all the places, but after a quick “guided” tour we stopped to go for a short walk before we had to head back to Zimbabwe.
We had arrived our country #30 and wanted to celebrate, but didn’t find a bar, so we had to settle for a coke. But nothing is better than an ice-cold coke in the heat.
We strolled around, browsed the market and bought some stuff before we headed back to Zimbabwe.

We stopped by the Vic Falls centrum to buy something I saw the day before, and then we went back to the hotel to fresh us up before dinner with the group.

We went to Lola’s Tapas and Bar, and for dinner Jon and I decided to try something new, so chose the fried crocodile, and it wasn’t bad at all.

We had a cozy last evening in Africa and said goodbye to everyone in the group. We also had to prepare for the journey home; our big souvenirs had to be proper packed, and since we didn’t find a large bag we packed it into towels, black garbage bags, cellophane, more garbage bags before one last layer of cellophane and duck tape. And we hoped it wouldn’t be too expensive to bring it home.

The departure day came and we woke up early and packed our bags, ate breakfast at the hotel and relaxed until we had to leave. Our guides; Pumi and Dee took us to the airport.

Victoria Falls Airport is pretty small, and the staff there was so helpful! We had to check in the one piece as special baggage, and since we had 30kg with Emirates they didn’t charge us extra at this flight either. They fastened some fragile stickers on the pack and promised us to put it on the plan as the last piece. After we had checked in we had to bring our luggage to the “drop off” – actually on the floor in the area near the domestic check in, so it’s a bit confusing. Then we did go through immigration and security, took a look in the shops and relaxed in the bar until our flight was ready for departure.

The flight to Johannesburg Airport took us almost two hours, and we had several hours to kill before the next flight. We walked from shop to shop and bought some more stuff.

Then we did fly from Joburg to Dubai. We’re not sure if our papers said wrong, if the flight was delayed or what, but we were supposed to have two hours at the airport between the flights. We landed only one hour before the next one and then it took some time for taxing, and even more time to take the bus from the plane to the terminal, then it was time for security! We only had about ten minutes before they closed the gate, and of course I got a beep when I walked through. I took my shoes off – beep – my belt off – beef (no metal on either of them, so that’s why I didn’t take it off from the beginning). Then I had to follow a lady into a room for a check, and still beeped on the button on my pants and my bra-hook, she tried again, checked it, and I was clear to go. We did run as fast as possible, and arrived the gate two minutes before it closed. We did make it!

The flight home was terrible as I got a cold after our time in the delta, and since I didn’t want to let that ruin the rest of our stay in Africa I got to pay for that when we finally got to sit down and relax at the plane.


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14 thoughts on “Last Day in Africa – Lots of Fun!

  1. This is like…the most eventful day EVER. Amazing. You got to see all of those animals, and go bungee jumping….ahhhh! That’s one thing I don’t think I could ever attempt, too scary for me. Thank you so much for this glimpse into Africa! And thanks for linking up with #WeekendWanderlust!

  2. We have only been to Ethiopia and I have been itching to visit more African countries ever since. I don’t know if I am brave enough to do the bungee dive but I loved the safari with the animals and just hearing about the unique food and people. Looks like you had a great trip!!

  3. The photos of the animals look amazing! I would never ever do that jump. Completely afraid of heights. ugh, the photos alone are scary. Good on you! #theweeklypostcard

    1. I wasn’t sure I would dare, but I’ve always wanted to do the bungee. And with support from Jon I did it! And I will probably do it again if I get the chance 🙂

    1. It was so high on my bucket list too, and finally this year we got to go there and experience this together. And I also got to tick off the bungee jump from the list as well 😀

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