Monday morning we went down to Cairns. First we located the marina we were to depart from the day after, just so that we would not have to spend time searching for it early in the morning. After locating it we parked the RV and walked around in the city. It was mostly souvenirshops and fastfood (mainly chinees/japanees), and some brand shops. It did not take long before we had visited ‘them all’! Before we left we tryed to find a toilet, wich turned out to be nearly impassible to find. After many hit and miss we gave up and headed towards the RV again, on the way we finaly found a public toilet next to a park…

Then we headed towards our last camp site in Australia. We booked a site for our three last nights in Cairns.

Early this morning we threw on our clothes and set of… When we got to the car park we needed some coins for the park meter (it seems that paying for parking with bills or card is not that common in Australia). But it worked out at last, and we bordered the boat! This day-trip was with ‘Tusa Dive’.

First we were greeted by a crew member which were the vessel’s own paparazzi. We got our picture taken, found some seats and filled out a form which we had to complete before diving.
The trip out to the outer reef took a while, but when we got close we jumped in to the wet suites and dive-shoes and got our mask/snorkels out from our backpacks (we like to use our private masks/snorkels). We then got geared up in a BCD vest (Buoyancy Control Device), tank, regulators etc. before taking a big step in to the water! At first we went trough the basics again (we had a briefing on the way out), such as how to remove water/fog from the mask under water and how to reach the regulator if someone accidentally knocks/kicks it out of your mouth etc. etc.
When this was done we were ready to descend slowly down to the bottom of the sea. Here we were reunited with the paparazzi, and we all got to see a bit of the Great Barrier Reef before we had to go up again.
On the deck fresh cut fruit was waiting.

We did some snorkeling on our own before our second (and supposed to be our last) dive. This time we had more time at the bottom, and we got to see more:)
When we got up again it was lunch time: buffet. Then we got offered to do a third dive for 40 bucks p.p if we wanted – and sure we did! (It was not to many intro-divers this day, probably the reason for why we got offered a third dive).
So, after moving to another location we geared up again and jumped in…. It was great to dive, everything was perfect, great visibility and we saw many spiecies of fish and corals.

After the dive and when everybody was back on board, it was time to head back to Cairns. It was a long but rewarding day. This was something we really enjoyed, we might soon become PADI-sertified divers. Introductonary dive, which we did today, counts as step one and two (pool and sea dive) for to become certified.
We will probably do the rest of the course in Norway, since it is so different to dive in the cold and low visibility water in Norway. If we get certified in Norway we can pretty much dive anywhere in the world. If we did the full course here and got certified in warm water, calm sea and good visibility, we might not be allowed to dive some places in Norway.

We finished this great day with a great steak-dinner at a waterfront steakhouse (Waterbar & Grill Steakhouse).


Found this little green one in the shower tonight

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