If you have been following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you might guess that we have a great time here in Australia. We do not want to go that deep into details as posts about the different places we have been and things we have done will be published after we get back home, but we feel there is about time with a short update after three weeks on the road.

When we first arrived here we had been traveling for over 30 hours, so when we picked up the campervan we did not want to drive for too long the first day. As agreed we were ready to pick up the van around 9:30 and a lovely woman greeted us. Julie fixed everything for is and helped us with the toll road registration; she even made our day when she said it did not look like we had been traveling for over 30 hours. That is a compliment to appreciate!

After everything were okay and documents signed we got the keys and headed straight out to see our campervan; our home for the next month. We loaded the van with our baggage, and a picture was taken and uploaded right away to our social media pages (thanks to the office for free Wi-Fi!)


Down under


We headed south and we had planned to drive for an hour or two. Already the first day we found this beautiful scenic ocean road! I have seen pictures of this one before and I have to admit that I thought it was a part of the Great Ocean Road. But glad we did not miss it – love the Tourist Drive signs that let you see more than highways, and we had not found this road without them.
The first day we did some shopping for groceries, unpacked and organized the van – then we were ready for four whole weeks on the road.

Since that day we have panned for gold and fossicking for gemstones, driven the Great Ocean Road, taken a spontaneous scenic flight, visited Kangaroo Island, driven all of the Stuart Highway, seen the well known Uluru in the Red Centre and we did also join a jumping crocodile cruise (yup, you read right – they where actually jumping out of the water, but more about that in a later post). Now we are currently in the fifth and last state on our awesome journey: we are in Queensland!


down under

down under


It is a bit sad to think that in one week the adventure will be over, a chapter will be closed. But we still have one week left and fun activities planned, so no reason to get depressed (we will handle our postpartum travel depression when we get back home, haha.).

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