Today we took the express train to Oslo airport for our flight to Iceland.

Arriving at Keflavik airport we picked up our bags and walked out towards the exit. In the arrivals hall there should be someone from the car rental company to pick us up. After a few minutes they turned up and drove us to the office of the car rental company, which was located a few minutes away.

After we picked up the car we needed to locate the nearest gas station as we picked up the car with almost empty gas tank (with Sadcars you can deliver the car with any amount of gas, so you don’t need to fill the tank before delivery).

We then headed to Reykjavik to pick up the camping gear we had pre-booked for rent, we also got a bite to eat.
With food in our stomachs we entered the first destination on the list, a hot spring with the ability to take a bath (Grettislaug GPS: N65 º 52.934 W19 º 44.171 ). After several hours of driving we finally arrived, managed to take a good, hot bath (about 40°C/104°F).


Then we drove back to the main road and a bit further until we found this accommodation in Saudarkrokur: Hotel Tindastoll (“the oldest hotel in Iceland, dating back to 1884”).
It’s possible to take a bath in the hot tub outside, but we’ll see about that. It’s more tempting to just take a drink of Redbull and Jagermaister (brought) before we jump in bed!

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