Today we came down to a prepared breakfast table for two, with a good selection of toppings, drinks and freshly boiled eggs. What a great way to start the day. And BTW: Happy birthday Norway! (It’s the Norwegian national day)

A little before 11 am we got back out on the road, heading towards ‘Glacier lagoon’. We arrived after two or three hours driving, but due to too much ice in the water there were no tours that day. But at least we got to take some pictures.

Glacier lagoon

While we were there it came a busload of Norwegians celebrated the national day of Norway and they sang the Norwegian national anthem.

“Ja vi elsker…”
On the road…

Next stop was Dyrholey before we drove up to Geysir and Gullfoss. We also stopped by Skogfoss to take some pictures.

Geysir Strokkur

Fresh mountain air in a can

We are often seen with a camera in our hands
Skogafoss Fall

We have checked into the Hotel Gullfoss for the night. We arrived too late, so the kitchen was closed. But skilled travellers as we are we had of course emergency noodles. So noodles and beers will be todays dinner!

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