When we’ve decide on a destination and bought the tickets we usually try to figure out what we can do there and what we want to see. We don’t plan too much, but it’s always great to have something.
Before we went to Bali we had tried to figure out the best alternative to see the island in a couple of days. We really needed this vacation to be more like a vacation and not exploring everyday, but we didn’t want to go to Bali and not see nothing at all either. We found out that a driver was our best option, and that it was quite cheep too.




We know we’re not the first to visit Bali so we reached out to our followers on Facebook to get a tip or two about which driver we should use. The social media and travel blogger society are pretty awesome in many ways, and Lyn from A Hole In My Shoe responded to our status and gave us a tip. We contacted the driver that they had used before when visiting Bali, but he was working on a cruise ship and didn’t have the opportunity. His cousin on the other hand was home in Bali and could help us and be our driver for the days we wanted. We got in touch with him too and had a conversation with both of them to try to figure out the route and the days. They were really helpful, responded quickly and we felt secure that we had found a good driver to show us the real Bali.

The first day came and the driver Tokek met us at Bali Prime Villas to pick us up. With him was a good buddy of him; Jhony. No problem for us, that meant we had two guides 😉 They were both so kind and polite, and took us to different places that they felt we had to see and things to experience when we first visited Bali. We had certainly not a schedule to go by with these guys, so we stayed out for 12-14 hours both days. That made us relax more and we didn’t have to rush from A to B and stress around – highly appreciated!

We had agreed on the price in advance; 600.000 rupiah per day, that’s about 43US$. We already told you it’s cheap! In Norway you’ll get down town on a Saturday night for that price.

Are you looking for a driver whilst visiting Bali? Then feel free to contact Tokek via his Facebook account.

BaliJohnny, us and Tokek

BaliGood times in Bali

BaliTasting Kopi Luwak

BaliVisiting temples together

Thanks to Jhony for the pictures!


When we were looking to find the best way to get around we saw several recommendations on which taxi to use: Blue Bird. We used them most of the time to get back from Seminyak and Kuta (we had free shuttle from the villa to the town), but we also tried a couple of other options. And yep, they’re much more expensive as they don’t use meter. We always agreed on the price before we entered the cab, but still it was expensive, but we felt we had no other options.
We visited Bali probably on the most crowded time of the year, when people from surrounding islands and Aussies go there for vacation and for the celebration of the Xmas and New Year. The streets were packed, and a 10min drive could take an hour and so on. So when we decided on taking another taxi than the Blue Bird we had tried and tried to negotiate with several, but some didn’t want to drive all the way to our villa because of the crazy traffic. So we paid 100.000 – 150.000 for a trip that cost us half the price with the Blue Bird. We really recommend you to use the Blue Bird, but watch out; some of the companies look the same.


5 thoughts on “How to Get Around in Bali

  1. Glad our driver’s cousin was able to help you guys. It is so much easier with a driver who has local knowledge, to get out and see the things you want. We also used the Blue Bird taxi’s a few times in the evenings after a night out at a restaurant and found the prices could vary. Love the pics of you all.

  2. Travelling with kids, it makes more sense to hire a driver. We have not been to Bali yet but it is on our list, will definitely reach out to Tokek. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also found that hiring a driver was the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to get around Bali. Will definitely reach out to Tokek next time we are on the island!

  4. Great tips and I hope to check out your recommendations when I finally get to Bali. We hired a young man in Mexico City. He was a history student and the day we spent with him was incredible. I always try to support locals when traveling.

  5. What a great find to have a local guide that was so terrific and affordable. I can’t think of a better way to be sure you get to all the hot spots and local favorites in Bali. Well done!

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