Our next adventure is right around the corner (we’re flying out on Sunday 6th of November), and this time we are going to Costa Rica (weee! only ONE day left). We will be driving around in a rental car and experience different parts of the country. Also we will take a day trip to Nicaragua, just to get a small taste of that country too. Panama is also on our schedule, and we’re staying in Bocas del Toro for two nights. Of course, this is if everything goes as planned.

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But enough about that! This post is about the trip we booked just a few days ago… We have been thinking about what’s next, where will we go after our trip to Central America.
For a long time we thought about taking a charter trip to a resort in Caribbean for some relaxation, but somehow a thought jumped into our minds and we wanted to go back to Africa. First we looked at the countries we already have been visiting, but then we decided on why not explore another part of this huge continent: East Africa, wildlife, safari, adventure and new experiences.

Then the search began, to find the perfect trip, or at least the best option to fit our budget. We have looked at so many companies and their different tour options, and we landed on one of the tours at Tucan Travel: East Africa Trail, where we will be visiting Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania in 18 days.

What an adventure that will be; Gorilla trekking in Uganda, safari in Masai Mara in Kenya and searching for wildlife in Serengeti in Tanzania.
In March we’re flying down to Kigali in Rwanda and staying a couple of nights at a hotel before the tour begins. Then we will be traveling with a group for 18 days before we end it with an extra day in Arusha.


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If you have been and want to give us some advises about what to do, what to see or share some safety advises about Kigali in Rwanda or Arusha in Tanzania, then feel free to share it in the comments below.
On our way home we have an 8 hour-long stopover in Dar es Salaam, and we have read that it’s worth to buy access to the lounge. Any thoughts?

We would love to hear all about it!


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