A few days ago we started thinking about our next trips and if it was possible to find something for May as we can take a week off around Pentecost and Norwegian Constitution Day, which land on the same week this year. That means we can be away for a week but only use three vacation days.
4th of July we have 5-year anniversary – soon we’ve been traveling together for 5 years! And we think that deserves a trip, don’t you think? We’re thinking Saturday to Tuesday, and it has to be cheap. Ideas are welcome. We want to visit a new place, that’s all we know at the moment.
Yeah, the travel bug has bitten us and we are infected badly, so when we got back from a month in Australia traveling is all we can think about.


New trip booked china beijing


But enough about that!
Yesterday we talked about the week in May. We tried to find a cheap trip, so we were looking at charter trips to a Greek island or another island in the Mediterranean Sea. We also played around with Google Flights to see which options we had, and the great thing about Google Flights is that you don’t need to type in your destination, just where you are flying from and the dates. We found something interesting as it turned out that SAS had a sale this weekend with good prices on flights to both USA and Asia; so which direction did we choose? Are we going east or are we going west?

We wanted to experience the real Asia, don’t get us wrong, we’ve been in the Middle East and in Indonesia, but that’s not the countries we think about when we hear Asia. We immediately think about e.g. Japan, India and China, countries with a totally different culture from what we’re used to here in Europe. And now we finally will! We’re super excited about this and look forward to visiting this place. We feel ready to get lost and to experience the culture shock for the very first time – at least that’s what we’ve read about people visiting China, that they get that feeling. But time will show! And yes, we’re going to China, and the city we’re visiting is Beijing! We’ve booked hotel for 6 nights and we’re staying at King Parkview Hotel. Anyone stayed here?

We booked this trip through Expedia.no as we had a voucher worth 1.400NOK which we got as compensation on the trouble we had before the trip to Bali for Xmas, and it was time to use it. We did some research but Expedia was the cheapest site to book both flight and hotel as a package through, and with the voucher we got a great deal.

Now it’s time for more research! We’ve heard it can be tricky with taxi and some other stuff like the communication, so we’ll try to figure out the best way to see the city and what we want to see/experience. We will at least take a day trip to see the Great Wall of China as that’s a big dream, but not sure which way is the best; should we join a guided group tour, take the bus or get a private driver? And which part of the wall should we visit? Should we go hiking the wall? Are there other places outside Beijing we should spend time on?
So many questions and so little knowledge about the city, but we know this will be awesome. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s a bit scary, but we love that!


Have you ever been to Beijing? We would love and appreciate if you have some advice or tips about anything.

Do you have a favorite place to eat? A market you love? Something worth knowing about the culture? A tour you want to recommend? Things to do? Weird food or snack we should try? Places outside the city to visit? How to see the wall? Do you know any tricks to hail a cab? Which way is the best way to get around?

If you have anything on your mind, feel free to share in the comments. 

6 thoughts on “We feel ready to get lost – New trip booked!

  1. Haven’t been there, but if you want all your favorite websites to function properly while you are in China, be sure to download a VPN before you fly there. In country, efforts to acquire a VPN will be met with frustration…

  2. I haven’t yet been to the “real” Asia – only the Middle East too. But I’ve heard Beijing is a great city so I’m sure you will enjoy it. Have fun!

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