During our times as travel bloggers we’ve received requests for interviews and other contributions. We feel honored and grateful when someone notices us – all we want is to inspire and give something back. 

On this page you will find links and a brief description of the pages we’ve been featured. Feel free to check them out!



19 Travelling Couples You Need On Instagram In 2019

Looking for some super intriguing  traveling couples to scroll and stalk? Jay & Britt at The Travelling Housesitters have gone deep into Instagram and found some of the best travel Instragrams which The Gram might not show you in the search feature.
These are couples traveling the world, and doing it bloody right.


We feel so honoured to be included in this list!



Top 100 Outdoor Blogs You Can Read For Inspiration in 2017

We were so lucky to be mentioned in this list of ‘100 outdoor blogs you can read for inspiration in 2017’ by The Smart Lad«If you are an adventure lover and keep up with various outdoor blogs, then you’re at the right place. I’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of “Best Outdoor Blogs” that are worth-following. Read till the end and get new ideas to spice up your adventurous life.»

So head over and check out some new blogs for inspiration!



Top Part-Time Travel Blogs of 2016

«With the advent of digitization, our world continues to grow smaller by the second. We see people everywhere going ahead and living their dreams. But, it is not always about being “All in”. A sense of security, coupled with travelling seems too good to be true?
Well, SURPRISE! We bring to you these awesome part time travel bloggers. They travel, they work, they blog about it and fill us mere mortals with envy, aren’t we right?»

We feel so honored to be listed #11  in the Top Part-Time Travel Blogs of 2016 by HelloTravel



Things to do in Riviera Maya: A Mexican Mini Guide

We have written a guest post for A Passion & A Passport, and writing about Riviera Maya and Mexico felt natural for us as that’s one of our favourite destinations. Read and be inspired, and start packing your swim suit and sunscreen – we know you’ll be booking a trip there soon.



Do Travelling Couples Really Know Each Other?

Kim & Rob of Simplytravelled.com reached out to some of their favourite travel blogging couples (including us) to find out how well couple on the road really know each other, and we thought that sounded fun and wanted to participate. So have a read and find out how well we did it.

Here’s the post highlighting us: We travel together’s results



50+ travel tips: Travelers share their #1 tips

Want to know the top travel tips? We collaborated with Take Me With You and a bunch of other great travelers to share with you our #1 travel tips.



14 Sunrises Around The World That Will Inspire You To Travel

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous sunset? I think we’re an even bigger fan of sunrises; it’s early morning, totally silence, most people are still asleep and we get the feeling of having the moment all to ourselves.
Some great travel bloggers (including us) share their favorite sunrises around the world in this post by Megan of Traveling Nine to Five. Which is our favorite? Click to see



Bkpk.me Traffic Exchange

Member of The Travel Blog Traffic Exchange

We have become a member of the travel blog traffic exchange. The Travel Blog Traffic Exchange is a collection of the best travel blogs on the internet, so head over to find blogs to be inspired.

Travel bloggers share their favorite travel quotes

What’s your favorite travel quote? Travel bloggers (including us) share their favorite travel quote in this lovely blog post by Take Me With You. Get ready for some wanderlust inspiration!


Inspiring Wanderlust: 30 Sunsets From Around The World

Megan from Traveling Nine to Five love a beautiful sunset, and it turns out that she’s not alone… In this great post thirty blogger’s share their favorite sunsets from around the world, and we’ve been featured with our photo from Fish River Canyon. Head over to the blog to see this and 29 other gorgeous shots of sunsets.

Most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day, according to couple bloggers

FlipKey reached out to their favorite couple bloggers to get their advice on the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day around the world. Head over to their page and read what we and the other couple bloggers had to say.



Ultimate Book Of: Travel Experiences

Early in 2015 we were contacted by Jake Ryan who had an idea of a book series called ”Ultimate book of”. The first book in this series was all about travel experiences, and he reached out to us and many other travel bloggers, photographers and others, which perhaps had a story to share. And so we had…



19 couples that will provoke your wanderlust (vol. 1)

Localgrapher talked to the best travel couples and we felt so honored to be one of them. They asked us a few questions and we gave them our honest answers. Check out their post to read we and the other couples had to say. «You might be surprised by their honest answers».


Africa from Above

Jen from The Trusted Traveller has a blog series of The World Seen From Above and in the latest post you’ll find many awesome photos of Africa. Check out the post and see which place we wanted to share


Travel Related Tattoos from Backpackers, Globetrotters & Bloggers

Michael over at Camera & Carry On got himself a travel related tattoo and they decided to make a blog post. They asked us and some other of their fellow travel writers to share their body art and what it means to them and published the post ’40 Travel Inspired Tattoos from Travelers, Bloggers, & Myself‘ where you’ll find Jon’s tattoo.
40 was not enough and they had to make another post; 38 MORE Travel Related Tattoos from Backpackers, Globetrotters, & Bloggers where Monica’s travel tattoo is featured. Check them out, maybe you’ll be inspired to get some ink on your body!


Interview With Monica & Jon of WTravelTogether.com

We’ve been interviewed by Karthik of Romancing The Planet, and feel so honored to be one of those travel bloggers who inspire him. There were some really great question to answer, so head over to his blog to read about what we had to say.


Seven to Watch: Travel Blogging Couples

“For many relationships, the idea of travelling the world is a daunting prospect that’s best avoided (we’ve all heard the story of that couple that broke up a few weeks in, having paid for everything – eek). For many of these couples though, travelling is not only something they’ve perfected together but also turned into a career!»
Here are Lowcostholidaysblogs’ favourite travel blogging couples to follow, and we’re listed!


Casual Travelist - Food experiences

Tasty Travel – Travel Bloggers Share Their Best Bites from the Road

«Some people eat to live while others live to eat…» Casual Travelist has put together a collaboration post where fellow travel bloggers share their favorite food experiences from the road. Click the image to read the post and check out what we wrote about.


Meet the Gypsies : Monica & Jon of We Travel Together

We’ve been featured in A Southern Gypsy’s interview series: Meet The Gypsies.Had so much fun answering the questions. Click the image and head over to her page to read what we had to say.


Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow for 2015

We feel honored to be on a list among other great travel blogs. Click the link to see the full list of «Top Couples Travel Blogs to Follow for 2015».
We want to send a big thanks to Peanuts or Pretzels for the award.


10 (more) Inspiring Part-Time Travelers

You don’t have to quit your job to travel the world. We have been featured in a post among other part-time travelers.

Click the image to see the what we had to say.


Postcard From…

One of our photos of El Castillo, Chichen Itza in Mexico has been featured on The Vintage Postcard.
The photo comes with a quote.


25 Perfect Weekend Getaways in Europe (Part I)

Europe is full of quaint, modern or alternative cities, and TravellingBuzz has put together a collaboration post about 25 perfect weekend getaways in Europe. So click the image to find out what we and 24 other travel bloggers suggested as a perfect weekend getaway.


One of the New Seven Wonders of the World

Traveling History has  kindly published a post written by us from our visit to Petra in Jordan.


Why Pack Light When You Don’t Have To

We were invited to write a guest post for The Travel Accessory Store. And because of all the focus on packing light, we wanted to share our thoughts of not packing light when we don’t have to.
Click the image to see what we had to say.


Ancient Malta

Traveling History kindly wanted to publish yet another post written by us, and this time a post about Ancient Malta. Thanks to Travelling History for sharing our posts.




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