Early this morning, because of some coincidences and a bit luck, it was possible for us to book skydiving on the days first group, with Skydive the Beach and Beyond, Byron Bay. This is a company which turned out to be right next to the campsite, as well as the drop zone. They had a cancellation on the first group, and could get us in.

We found the place, signed the contracts and form online to register on Australian Parachute Federation, something everybody has to do to be allowed to jump out of a plane.

When we were ready, harnesses on and got the instructions on what to do and when, we got ready and everybody in the group got in the van and went to the airport (we were in total 4 to sky dive for the first time). At the airport we were escorted towards the tiny plane and got the instructions once more, then we climbed in and sat down on the floor.

“What the h… are we doing?”

It took awhile for the tiny plane to climb up to the altitude we were jumping from (14.000ft), but soon enough we had to get ready. Jon-Fredrik were first out the door, legs out first and then in a split second they were gone. I was up next, we crawled to the door, got the legs outside and took ‘position’, and suddenly we were on the way down – free fall in 60 seconds, with speed up to 200km/h.

Ready to jump!

On the way out at 14.000feet altitude!
In free fall!

I got to see Jon-Fredrik land before I was up next…Quite close to ground I pulled my legs up and let the experienced one take the hit. It was a great feeling which tempts to repeat 🙂

Both on the ground again, very pleased with todays activity!

…otherwise it was a lot of driving the rest of the day.

We stopped at Byron bay to have a look around and eat a very late breakfast. It was a cosy little village with a laid back atmosphere. In addition we stopped somewhere at the Gold Coast where we went for a swim. This day we ended up just north of Brisbane (we did not felt the need to stop and see this town). The campsite we had looked at in a campsite guidebook were closed, but we found a phone nr, and the person in the other end said that we could enter and find a free spot, and deal with the payment next morning.

We finished this day with a steak dinner on the BBQ, a shower, and we did some laundry and enjoy our selves outside with a jägermeister/cider. It was a long day, and without thinking about it we had changed time zone, and we had gained one hour.

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