Last day we had to get up early – we wanted some time out in the city before too many were awakened.


A quick breakfast at Subway was eaten, and we checked out of the hostel and drove out of town. The next destination we wantet to visit was in Slovakia. But the maps on the GPS turned out to not help us very much as we drove across the border. So we were just driving on instinct, looking at a print screen that Jon-Fredrik fortunately had taken while he looked at the map last night. There was not to much to go by, but we found it!

Breakfast at Subway

First stop was Orava castle where we were on a guided tour consisting mostly of info on Slovak (?). But we got to see much of the castle, and we took lots of pictures.

Orava Castle
Inside Orava castle

Next stop was Spis castle, which turned out to be closed when we arrived. But we got to walk around a bit outside and take some pictures.

Spis castle

After this we had to try to get towards Budapest… The GPS was virtually useless. But we managed to zoome out and see a few place names.

After driving for a while we suddenly saw a familiar place name on a sign, and then just ran for it. However, the time flew bye, it was to be dark soon and we were on our way up in the mountains of Slovakia. We stopped at a place by the road, but they did not open for about one month later, so we had no choice but to carry on. A little further, we probably saw a sign on accommodation, thinking at least to check it out. It was getting late, and both longed for dinner and a shower, so it was worth taking a look. And there it was a 4-star hotel, hotel Galileo – a typical mountain hotel, and they had free rooms (with private bathroom!). So we checked in, carried our stuff up to the room and went straight down to get something to eat before the kitchen closed.

This day came and we had to get out of bed, pack, eat breakfast and leave Hotel Galileo in Donovaley. Fortunately our phones set the time automatically because none of us had thought about that the clock should be set to summer time, and we had to check out by 11am.

We drove around for a while on Slovak roads in poring rain and dense fog. Nor could the GPS help us today, but with a little sense of place and a few print screen of the map with the itinerary you can get quite far. We did a little research for hotels last night and found one that had decent location (down the Danube) and free parking.
We ended up at at the four-star Hotel Victoria for tonight.

Hotel Victoria


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