This is our first time at a hostel, and tonight we find it a bit creepy, but more of that later in the post…

We landed in Vienna just a little over 9 am, so we picked up our bags before we went to find the car rental company (it was a challenge in itself to book this car from home, so we were not quite sure if we would even get a car). Fortunately the order was in order, but there was some issue with the insurance, they claimed that we had not ordered any insurance (but we had all the paperwork in order, with print-screens and other paperwork printet out just in case, fortunately). Jon-Fredrik (which is the one of us who takes care of the talking for practical reasons – I’m not exactly a whiz in English) he was arguing a bit and the guy behind the counter finally realized that he had overlooked something and that we were right. (If irritated does not work, get angry!)
We finally got our car, a Skoda Octavia station wagon and got out on the road. We agreed to drive to find a convenient place to stop to set up the GPS and get organized. We soon found a gas station where we could buy some food and drinks for the ride.

Top tip: ALWAYS keep a copy of important documents in your bag, as well as online at your E-mail account or in the Cloud. We also have all important documents on our phones and on a USB flash drive. Scan your driver license, passport and memorize your passportnumber.
This has saved us more than once…

The first destination we plottet on the GPS was a cathedral in Brno, Czech Republic, that we wantet to see on the way to Krakow, Poland. We found a parking garage, parked the car and got out to see the city and take some pictures.

Easter marked in Brno

When we got back to the parking garage we struggled to pay for the parking at the machine. A friendly man tried to help us, but when we do not speak the same language (Czech) it does not help that much. But the machine did not take cards, so we had to find an ATM and take out some Czech money – the smallest amount was 200, which proved again to be a problem. For the machine took only bills up to 100 for the 30 we were paying, so then we had to find a place to change. But finally we got to pay and got out of there…

Random things along the way
Check out the rear wheals
Two lines, but who care

The next challenge was to find Aston hostel, which we had pre-booked in Krakow.

Aston hostel
Aston hostel

We finally found the hostel and eventually we found a parking space. The lady at the reception followed us to another building, into a dark passageway, up a staircase and into an “apartment” with three separate rooms and a shared bathroom and kitchen. We are not used to live at hostels (why did we choose to stay at a hostel – well, it was cheap, and one time have to be the first), and we thought it was a bit disgusting and scary at one time.
Ever seen the movies “hostel”? If you have, you`ll understand how we feel it.
If no, well – don`t watch them just before staying at one in mid-Europe.

Now we have plans to get some sleep before our plans for tomorrow!

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