During the stay at the hotel we contacted Hotelbeds to book day-trip to the island of Cozumel.
And today we went there!

The only thing we had been arranged was transportation to and from the island, as we wanted to get around and enjoy the island on our own.
On the ferry over to Cozumel we got into a chat with a man running a car rental company and we decided to rent a car of him. But we both had left our driving license at the hotel… It turned out to not be a problem. So once we arrived we went to find the right car rental company. We rented a Jeep for just 80 U.S. dollars, inclusive insurance and unlimited mileage.

We drove all over, with a few stops: buying something to drink, beach break, and Mayan ruin, San Garvasio. The road to San Gervasio was a straight road 6km inland. And it felt like we drove in no mans land when we drove and only met one car (in the very beginning) – especially when we then passed a vulture along the way…

San Garvasio
A beach at Cozumel

After a tour around the island, we drove back to the car rental company, delivered the car and paid our bill. After that we wandered around a bit, looked in shops and ate a late lunch. We were walking around some more, sat down to try a strawberry margarita. We paid 90pesos (which is around 7 USD and 5 EURO) for two margeritas and a coke. Plus we got a small bowl of tortilla chips and salsa dip.

We then took the ferry over and back to Playa del Carmen, and then transfer back to hotel.


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