Today this morning when Jon-Fredrik started to carry our stuff out to the car the remote control to the car did not work (and this we had been told to use, otherwise the alarm would go off). So we had no other choice but to start up the car in a hurry after unlocking it to prevent the alarm from going off.
We left just before 9am, and set the GPS to another hot spring, which did not exist, at leat not at the coordinates it were supposed to be at. But at least we got to do a little “off road” driving!

Furthermore, we headed towards Myvatn, but fog and bad weather made it hard to see much. We then went to Myvatn Nature Baths – Jardbadsholar, but we only took some pictures there.

After that we went to Hverir/Namafjall (geothermal) and wandered around and took some pictures – and did a little “dance” to get the worst of the mud off our shoes.

When we stopped by a store to shop some drinks and snack, we had become so tired of the bullshit with the alarm, so the mechanic Jon-Fredrik took a phone call to the car rental company to get permission to remove a fuse – and with permission we did, so now we at least not have to worry about the horn going off every time we were to slow to start the car…

Next destination were Hofn, which turned out not to be so easy. We drove over the mountains for a long time, with varying conditions, from dry and good roads, to roads that were covered in snow.

We took a short stop for some groceries before we got back on the main road, which turned out to be closed in the direction of what we were going. Then the GPS wanted us to go onto a gravel road, and this road we drow a short distance before we came back on to the main road again, so we took a chance. Up in the mountains the road split in two, one direction had a sign stating that is was closed so we tried the other (there were some fresh tracks in the snow). After awhile we realized that it was not possible to continue, and indicated by the tracks in the snow the car that made them had also turned around. The road was snowed shut!

There were only one thing to do, turn around and go back. It was a long way back to where we stopped for groceries, but we got there and took the other road that went across the mountain. This was thankfully open.

A few hours from Hofn we found accommodation for tonight – Cafe Margret, a cozy “hotel” with a restaurant and good food.

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