Even that we spontaneously book a couple of tours during the year we also love to plan trips in advance, and so we try to do this year too. The last days we’ve been thinking about:
…when we can take time off to travel
…how we want to distribute the days
…and where we want to go.

The last point isn’t an easy choice as there are so many beautiful places in this world that we want to visit. But high on our list after it was announced that the border between Cuba and the United States would be opening. You never know how that will change a country, and we want to see Cuba before it changes. So can we make it this year?

Then we had to find out when we want to use our vacation days, and we have decided to take a week in November and then a few days during Christmas time. Considering the weekends and holidays during that time of the year we’ll get 11 days to travel on. So that’s a good deal for us.
So where to go?

It’s not an easy task to find good flight-/hotel deals during Christmas, but we have found a place we really want to go and we did found it affordable, at least for what we get for that price: a long flight to another part of the world with Singapore Airlines and our stay for the destination is in a villa with private pool. This trip is now booked and we’ve some research to do, we can’t just use the time relaxing on a beautiful place like this.
So now you probably wonder where we’re going? At least we’re pretty excited!

First a teaser:

Picture’s from Bali Prime Villas FB page

This is a picture from Bali Prime Villas on (off course) Bali in Indonesia! Doesn’t that looks like a great way to celebrate the Christmas Week and New Year days?
We’ll board the flight early on Christmas Day with two short stopovers (in Amsterdam and Singapore), and we’re going back 4th of January.

So… Back to the November trip. We are really considering a trip to Cuba, and think we’ll get the chance to see a lot in a week if we rent a car and explore on our own.
But we need to google some more and find out about the prices on rental car and hotels to see if we can afford a trip to Cuba too (from what we’ve seen so far it looks promising). We’ll write a new post when we have decided the trip, and we’ll let you know about our plans.

On our way home from Bali we’ll have a 9 hour-long stopover in Singapore, and we’re thinking about leaving the airport and spend some hours in the city. Do you think it is a good idea? And do you have any recommendations for us? Should we get a fixed price and get around by taxi the whole day? What is worth seeing? Where should we go for dinner? So many questions, but we got time to figure it out!

Shout out if you have any recommendations regarding things to see and stuff do on Bali!


One thought on “Christmas Holiday Abroad

  1. We have been to Cuba before and loved it. At that time it was just a one week all inclusive with our two children in Varadero back in 2002. We did go into Havana one day and wandered around by ourselves and had a fantastic time, learning all about the history and seeing all the old buildings and cars.

    We really want to go back again and explore more of the island on our own as well and like you we want to do it before the border open up between them and the United States because as you say, things will change once that happens and we want to experience Cuba once again before those changes happen.

    Sounds like you have some fun plans in the making.

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