Challenge accepted!

For you this will probably be no problem, but for us, a couple who almost never need to think about how much to bring (the luxury as part time travellers) we have a challenge to fit everything in a “small” bag. According to the flight company (Emirates) we can bring 30kg, and that’s something we […]

5 Top Destinations

Everyone find their favorite(s) out of every places they visit, and so do we. A Hole In My Shoe just wrote a post about hers and invited us to join this campaign through – Top Destinations to Go There”. And we are going to share five of our top destinations. It´s hard to pick out the top 5, but […]

Scuba divers

We just want to write about an item on our bucket list, so here it comes: It was the day in Mexico in 2012 when we were snuba diving in a cenote that we decided that we had to get the diving license. It was this feeling, it’s hard to describe, but.. yeah, you can […]

We’ve been nominated – Liebster Award

We’ve been nominated! We have been nominated to the Liebster Award. How fun! Although it’s not an actually Award it’s fun to get noticed and be a part of the “game” 🙂 So thank you Heather from Conversant Traveller for your nomination. The Rules of the Game: – Thank the blogger who has nominated you […]

Departure day!

Today is the day, the day we have waited for for so long… We’re sorry that we haven’t wrote for awhile, but it has been some work with this new homepage. BTW,  we hope you like it! But finally the day is here, and we’re soon on our way to Oslo Airport for our flight […]

Trying to plan our trips in May and June

This evening we have planned a little more on the tours we are going on in May and June. From earlier we had only booked flight. But now we also booked the hotel for our stay in New York and Rome. We need to do a little more research before we book a hotel in […]