5 years of traveling (Part 1)

The time flies by and I remember it like it was yesterday… 4th of July 2011 was the day we met for the very first time after chatting online for hours and hours for three days in a row, after we got in touch at a dating site. We clicked immediately, it was (cliché, I […]

Litchfield National Park

Now and then some absolutely gorgeous pictures shows up in your news feed on Facebook, often of incredibly beautiful waterfalls and rock formations which blow your mind away and give you the instant feeling of wanderlust. You immediately get inspired; you want to be there, you want to jump right in for a refreshing bath… […]

How to apply for a Chinese Visa

It’s a first time for everything, and at one point we had to apply for a visa manually (other countries we have been to where we had to have visa we applied online or got it upon arrival). We had no idea on the procedure when we booked the trip to China, but we read […]

Ultimate Book Of: Travel Experiences

Earlier this year we were contacted by Jake Ryan who had an idea of a book series called ”Ultimate book of”. The first book in this series was all about travel experiences, and he reached out to us and many other travel bloggers, photographers and others, which perhaps had a story to share. We’ve never […]

Travel Statistics 2014

Let us have a look back at 2014, a good traveling year for us. Do have in mind that we’re a part time traveling couple, and it’s not always easy to find time to travel.   In 2014 we had 60 days away from home, 60 days spread over 12 countries: – UK – Germany – […]