One month left…

Today it is exactly one month left until we fly to Jordan. All the flights for this trip are with Turkish Airline. We have a stopover in Istanbul late in the evening before flying to Aqaba in Jordan. We land at night, so the hotel is contacted to notify our late arrival. Hotel for our […]

Trying to plan our trips in May and June

This evening we have planned a little more on the tours we are going on in May and June. From earlier we had only booked flight. But now we also booked the hotel for our stay in New York and Rome. We need to do a little more research before we book a hotel in […]

More trips booked!

Guess what!!! We have booked tree new trips for this year 🙂 Three tours in three long weekends in May and June. The first one goes across the pond to New York! The second one goes back to Rome. And the last of these tree goes to Malta. Now we just have to sit down and do […]

Easter holiday booked!

The hard choice of where to go on this years holiday turned out to not be that hard after all! The idea of Jordan and Israel turned us on. We feel that on this trip we really get the adventure and excitement we seek this time. And we feel that it fit just perfect considering […]

Planning of this years Easter holiday

Ok, time for planning of this years Easter holiday… In total we have 10 days, but we are not sure where to go. We have some ideas: – Africa: Overland tour in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Safari in Kenya and/or Tanzania. Morocco – Asia: One efficient overland tour from Thailand, through Cambodia to Vietnam. […]

Vacation this autumn is already booked :)

For quite some time we have been thinking about where to go on this years vacation. We had a couple of options; Africa, Asia or back to Mexico again. It has not been easy to decide, but at the same time it was some how… In the autumn 2013 we booked a trip back to Mexico […]

Departure day – our trip down under!

It was in February we decided that the holiday for this fall/winter were to go to Australia, and this time we had tree weeks available, and we had thought of a road trip up the east coast. We contacted Australiareiser and gave them our wishes and requests. After a few days we received a travel suggestion and a […]

Our next trip… We’re excited!

It is now time for Iceland! It’s a destination we really want to go to, and now we finally will! We have 5 days to make our way around the island, and although we have read several places that it’s recommended to use at least one week of driving around the island we decided that […]

We’re ready for this years’ Easter trip

And so was the Easter here, and we’re ready for going on the road again! For this year’s Easter holiday we had planned a road trip in Europe. We soon found out what area and distance we would like to travel considering the time we had. The cheapest flight was to and from Vienna Austria, […]

Finally, the day is here!

Oh, this is so early! But… For over a half year ago we booked this trip through Star Tour (Tui). The destination became Azul Sensatori in Puerto Morelos, Mexico for 2 weeks. A five star all inclusive resort (hotel features gourmet inclusive, which means that they have to keep a slightly higher standard). The hotel […]