Drake Bay & Corcovado NP

Corcovado National Park is a national park on Osa Peninsul and it’s Costa Rica’s largest NP. National Geographic named the National Park “One of the most biologically intense places on earth in terms of biodiversity”. The park conserves the larges primary forest on the American Pacific coastline and one of the few remaining sizable areas […]

First Travel Plans Made for 2017

Our next adventure is right around the corner (we’re flying out on Sunday 6th of November), and this time we are going to Costa Rica (weee! only ONE day left). We will be driving around in a rental car and experience different parts of the country. Also we will take a day trip to Nicaragua, just […]

I’ve been falling in love with a place I’ve never been before…

For some reason I’ve been falling in love with a place I’ve never been before, and for some reason I can’t get it out of my head. It’s great to feel this, but it’s also scary – scary because it makes it harder to travel with low expectations. I have this fear of being disappointed, […]

How to apply for a Chinese Visa

It’s a first time for everything, and at one point we had to apply for a visa manually (other countries we have been to where we had to have visa we applied online or got it upon arrival). We had no idea on the procedure when we booked the trip to China, but we read […]

We feel ready to get lost – New trip booked!

A few days ago we started thinking about our next trips and if it was possible to find something for May as we can take a week off around Pentecost and Norwegian Constitution Day, which land on the same week this year. That means we can be away for a week but only use three […]

Christmas Holiday Abroad

Even that we spontaneously book a couple of tours during the year we also love to plan trips in advance, and so we try to do this year too. The last days we’ve been thinking about: …when we can take time off to travel …how we want to distribute the days …and where we want […]

Challenge accepted!

For you this will probably be no problem, but for us – a couple who almost never need to think about how much to bring (the luxury as part time travellers) we have a challenge to fit everything in a “small” bag. According to the flight company (Emirates) we can bring 30kg, and that’s something […]

First trip goes to…

In the middle of 2014 we announced that we had plans for a trip to Africa in early 2015, but we had to postpone this plan to the end of the year instead.  Year 2014 was over and we had to start planning some trips in 2015. No place “spoke to us,” and we struggled […]

One month left…

Today it is exactly one month left until we fly to Jordan. All the flights for this trip are with Turkish Airline. We have a stopover in Istanbul late in the evening before flying to Aqaba in Jordan. We land at night, so the hotel is contacted to notify our late arrival. Hotel for our […]

Trying to plan our trips in May and June

This evening we have planned a little more on the tours we are going on in May and June. From earlier we had only booked flight. But now we also booked the hotel for our stay in New York and Rome. We need to do a little more research before we book a hotel in […]