Introductory diving

Monday morning we went down to Cairns. First we located the marina we were to depart from the day after, just so that we would not have to spend time searching for it early in the morning. After locating it we parked the RV and walked around in the city. It was mostly souvenirshops and […]

Cape Tribulation, Daintree and Port Douglas

Saturday morning we booked a scuba diving trip (for upcoming Tuesday) before we went up to Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest. To get there we had to take a ferry (looked like a raft) over Daintree River. We headed north and stopped a couple of places to walk around in the rainforest at some marked […]


Thursday we got of pretty early. The plan was to see a little of the outback on the way to Cairns, so we plotted in ‘Charter Towers’ to get a bit inland. After passing this small town it was only deserted country road from there, mile upon mile. But we got a bit closer to the wildlife […]


Today around 8:40am, we got picked up at the camp site by Whitehaven Xpress and they took us down to the marina where the boat were waiting. We were in total around 50 people. On the way out we all got a ‘stinger suit’, it was optional to rent but recommended since its high season […]

Driving to Airlie Beach

Monday morning we set course north towards Airlie Beach, we planed to get as far as we could get this day. Many hours driving, the sun went down and there were no camps in sight. We drove and drove until we finally came across a camp site, but of course it was closed (and no […]

Fraser Island

Friday we left a bit later than usual since the office at the camp site did not open before 9am, and we had to pay our bill before we left. But then we had some time to book the trip to Fraser Island. We booked a 4×4 with tent and other camping gear. On our […]

Extreme sport

Early this morning, because of some coincidences and a bit luck, it was possible for us to book skydiving on the days first group, with Skydive the Beach and Beyond, Byron Bay. This is a company which turned out to be right next to the campsite, as well as the drop zone. They had a cancellation […]

Our first days on the road

Monday morning we checked out of the hotel and grabbed a taxi to the RV rental company. First we had to watch a introduction video to learn how everything worked; such as the gas stow/bbq, hot water, emptying the waste water and toilet. When renting a RV from Britz you get a 10% discount at […]


After this last flight (also with Singapore Airlines) we finally landed in Sydney. Yet another day had flown by (literly speaking… Or… Actualy we had flown from it;)). When we landed the time was closed to 9pm. So it quickly went from early 31.oct to late 1.nov! On the last flight we had a very […]

Stopover in Singapore

We have arrived Singapore for a stopover, the journey soon continue to Australia and Sydney. The flight of 11 hours with Singapore Airlines were not as long some as we feared. In addition to our Ipads we had a TV-screen with remote control each, and we could choose between 80 movies, 126 TV-shows, language courses, […]