Road Trippin’ in Australia – One Month on the Road

The first time we visited Australia we only had 3 weeks, and we started off by spending a few days in Sydney before picking up the campervan, and in total we spent 16 days on the road. When people asked us where we were going, we told them and they though we were crazy. Sydney […]

A Day Tour Around the Whitsundays

When arriving the coast after driving Australia’s inland for so long we really wanted to do some water related activities. We loved the tour we took the last time to get a taste of the Whitsundays, we loved it so much that we wanted to do it again. And we knew we could get a […]

Jumping Crocodile Cruise

While we were in the far north of the Northern Territory we got a recommendation from a friend of Jon to go on a jumping crocodile cruise in Litchfield National Park, and our thoughts was: «WHAT!?! JUMPING crocodiles? That sounds like an awesome idea». But we had already been to Litchfield and next on our list […]

Diving the Great Barrier Reef with Tusa Dive

It had been over two years since we last visited Australia and over two years since we tried diving for the very first time when we joined a day trip of introductory dives to the Great Barrier Reef with Tusa Dive. It was because of that day we took a course in Norway and became […]

Litchfield National Park

Now and then some absolutely gorgeous pictures shows up in your news feed on Facebook, often of incredibly beautiful waterfalls and rock formations which blow your mind away and give you the instant feeling of wanderlust. You immediately get inspired; you want to be there, you want to jump right in for a refreshing bath… […]

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

It was a crazy day with over 1000km on the road in our Britz Campervan, but we made it to Uluru just in time to experience the moment right before the sun sets and make Uluru glow and turn deep shade of red.   In the middle of Australia in the southern part of the […]

Kangaroo Island

Some say it is the most beautiful place they have ever been to, some say this is the Galapagos of Australia and some say it is a zoo without fences. We say: don’t miss out on this when visiting Australia. Kangaroo Island or ”KI” to the locals is minutes away from the mainland of South […]

Britz HiTop 2 Berth Campervan

It’s been over two years ago since we visited Australia for the first time; we had three days in Sydney before 16 days on the road along the East Coast up to Cairns. We fell in love with the country and the freedom of traveling in a campervan. So ever since we’ve dreamt of going […]

How is it going ”down under”?

If you have been following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you might guess that we have a great time here in Australia. We do not want to go that deep into details as posts about the different places we have been and things we have done will be published after we get back home, […]

Our last days ‘Down under’

Wednesday, our last whole day in Cairns we did not have ha plan, we felt that we had seen and done Cairns. We ended up with a drive to Mission Beach, which is a couple of hours driving south of Cairns. Nice drive witch a combination of rain forest and beach. But it was not to […]